Highlights and homework of 6th October

Highlights and homework of 6th October


Day 1

UOI : Learners shared the information they had brought, with the class and understood the difference between inventions and discoveries/ explorations.

They also did pair reading of books related to the unit.

Language : Learners prepared for the role play of the chapters given to them from Charlotte’s Web.

Math : Ordering and Comparing fractions – Learners learnt how to order fractions in ascending and descending order through visualization of illustration so as to compare and order them in correct sequence.

They started attempting a worksheet on comparing fractions.

Homework : 

Language : Choose a person/celebrity of your choice and make a mind-map( can be done in points also) about his/her life facts and events as and when it happened in sequence. This is to be done in the Language Writing book.

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