Recap of 06/10/2014

Recap of 06/10/2014

Settling time:

Learners read the class library book

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners were read 1 case study of student who immigrated from one place to another. Through this they were introduced the new term “immigration”. They also revised the term “migrant” during this session.

The link for the case study read is:


Learners discussed IB social skills and research skills.

Learners practiced Narrative Writing, where they were asked to write a short story with beginning, middle and end along with the illustration.


Learners revised the concept of Odd and Even numbers through “Carroll Diagram”


Learners have to make the 3 D shape from the given Math worksheet (Demo for one of the shapes was shown in the class).


Note: We are going to celebrate Navratri festival in assembly tomorrow. Kindly send your child in traditional clothes (chaniya choli for girls, if not then a traditional dress and for boys Kediyu or kurta pajama), also send their uniforms with them.


Meha Goswami,

HRT – Grade 2, Dream


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