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Day: October 10, 2014

Highlights of the day – 10/10/14

Highlights of the day – 10/10/14

Day 5:

Proverb of the day:– “Beggars can’t be choosers”.

Settling Task:- Students completed vocabulary quiz worksheet.

[Math] Learners were introduced to different methods of multiplication. They learnt that multiplication is also repeated addition. They were introduced to  ‘Repeated addition method’ and ‘Expanded form method’ of multiplication. Learners solved few sums in their notebooks using both the methods.

Learning outcome – To enable students to transfer meaning by through various ways (Repeated addition, Expanded form)

[Language] AIE: UOI: ICT Integration: Learners watched a tutorial of the online education tool (makebeliefcomix) to get an understanding of creating a comic story of their own. Further, they also practiced making their own comic strip on the website

Learning Outcome: To stimulate imagination and enhance the writing skills.
Empowering English -  The learners recited the poem “The Plane” from pg. no. 42 and discussed the question and answers orally.
Learning Outcome – To enhance their comprehension skills.
Writing: Students wrote an imaginative paragraph on the given topic in their writer’s book.
Learning Outcome- To enhance their writing skills.

[Homework] UOI(Integration with ICT & Lang):- Watch these videos and Create a comic story and email it to – Instructional video -Site for the comic strip.

Lang:- (1) Make a triangular triplet poem on “My School“.

(2) Answer the question from Empowering English on pg 42. (You have to write the questions also).

(3) Read the book ‘The Nor’easter’ from level Q on

Math:- (1) Solve the worksheet given. Do Q.10 and Q.11 in your notebook.

2) Solve the following sums through the Expanded Form method of multiplication in your notebook.

(a) 12 X 4

(b) 23 X 3

(c) 42 X 4

(d) 24 X 2

Note: Kindly check the class Time-table.



Activity for Sik thinking Hats:-


20141010_091116[1] 20141010_091147 20141010_091213 20141010_091353



Word list

Word list

Dear parents,

Word list of September month is given below. Next Friday dictation of 20 words will be conducted. Kindly prepare your child for the same.




Grade 2

Grade 7 & 8 Athletics perofrmance

Grade 7 & 8 Athletics perofrmance

Hello all,

I guess all parents must be knowing that in sports right now we are doing only athletics across the school and some where students are enjoying and somewhere not but they are learning and achieving the heights for sure… However we always seek for those activities which student enjoy performing and learn out of it.

In this post i am going to share the pics only of grade 7 & 8 who are also doing athletics activities. According to the feedback which they have given me they are enjoying and recently i have seen some improvements also in their performance. I’ll be sharing the same analysis on the blog once their unit gets over.

Till than enjoy the pics and comment if anybody wish for:


DSC01737 DSC01739 DSC01740 DSC01741 DSC01742 DSC01743 DSC01744 DSC01745 DSC01746 DSC01747 DSC01748 DSC01751 DSC01752 DSC01754 DSC01760 DSC01764 DSC01765 DSC01766 DSC01767 DSC01768 DSC01769 DSC01770 DSC01771 DSC01772 DSC01773 DSC01774 DSC01776 DSC01784 DSC01785 DSC01791 DSC01795 DSC01796 DSC01797 DSC01798 DSC01799 DSC01801 DSC01802 DSC01805 DSC01806 DSC01810 DSC01812 DSC01813 DSC01815 DSC01818 DSC01821 DSC01823 DSC01824 DSC01825 DSC01826 DSC01828 DSC01833 DSC01834 DSC01835 DSC01836 DSC01837 DSC01839 DSC01844 DSC01847 DSC01848


In last few pics kids are just enjoying the high jump mat and spring board.

Keep playing

Hariom Parmar

G:9- Coordinated Science (Physics) Updates

G:9- Coordinated Science (Physics) Updates

Dear students/parents,

This week we revised entire syllabus for first term exam. Students were given
various question through slides to solve them by proper method of
IGCSE .Syllabus for first term with all the required reference presentation were shared with students.They also gave mock test (COS) this week.Those test papers were returned to them with relevant corrections in it.

Best of luck & keep studying,


Manish Tiwari & Uttam Maheshwari

Grade 1-Hope: Highlights of the week

Grade 1-Hope: Highlights of the week


TDT : How we express ourselves

Central Idea : Authors and illustrators express themselves in a variety of ways.

Read aloud of the books ”  Thomas’s snowsuit, No clean clothes, Andrew’s loose tooth, Class clown-”  written by Robert Munsch and  illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

The students read the books – The very hungry caterpillar, The very busy spider  and From head to toe by Eric Carle and identified the writing style of the author. (The books are written and illustrated by Eric Carle)

Learning intention: To help students understand the writing styles of  different authors.


1)   Students were introduced to calendar through the calendar poem from the Empowering English reference book. They learned about the leap year too.

Learning intention: To help students enhance their understanding about months of the year and days of the week.

2)   Small moments: Students revised the concept of personal narrative by writing the small moments in the form of graphic organizer , “ Mind map”. Thereafter , they brainstormed the small moments and wrote it down in their notebooks.

Learning intention:  To help students enhance their writing skills.


1)    Students were introduced to addition through the book, “Counting clouds”

2)    Students were asked to make a ‘Y’ chart in which they were asked to write about addition and it’s real life application.

Learning intention :  To check the prior knowledge of students.

3)    Students were introduced to addition facts ( 1-10)

Learning intention : To help students learn basic addition facts.

Warm Regards,

Bhumika Manglani (HRT)

Highlights of the week_G8_English_All Sections

Highlights of the week_G8_English_All Sections

Revision and Doubt Solving:

1. Some time was allotted for doubt solving wherein students were encouraged to discuss doubts regarding the syllabus.

2. Revision for the first term examinations included quizzes and revision tests. A feedback on the revision test was also given to individual students.

3. Paper pattern and syllabus was once again orally discussed in the class.

All the best to all the students for your examinations! Study well, do well….




Urvashi and Sumaiya

Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 – Ideate – Day 5

Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 – Ideate – Day 5

Lang:  Students made a Free verse and Triangular triplet poem on the topics – ‘My School’ and ‘Cartoons’

Learning outcome: To enhance poetry skills.

Students read poem ‘Plane’ from Empowering English, which was followed by discussion.

Writing : Students wrote a imaginative paragraph on the given topic.

UOI: Students solved the problem of the given question using 6 thinking hats (group activity.)

Homework- Math worksheet and Make a triangular triplet poem and a free verse on any topic of your choice.

Lang: Complete the comprehension questions of ‘Plane’ – pg 42.