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Day: October 11, 2014

Important note for G7 & G8 ICT Exams

Important note for G7 & G8 ICT Exams

Dear Learners,

For ICT practical exams, you need to bring your chromebooks on the day of the exam. Make sure that it is fully charged. You can bring your USB mouse if you feel the need. In case your chromebook is in repairing or any other issue, kindly inform me via e-mail at least 24 hours before the exam so that we can arrange a chromebook for you.


Nazim Pirani

Diwali Homework for grade 11

Diwali Homework for grade 11

Dear students,

Below is the Diwali homework for all the groups of subjects.


Group 1 Homework Details
English Lang. LIt. Further Oral activity (submission date 10th Nov) Read “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. Research on Historical/Social Background of Afghanistan before and after the Taliban. The position of women before and after the Taliban.
English A level Powerpoint presentation on Language features and how each of them impacts the work (figures of speech, style, structure)



TOK – Task no. Work to do
1 Read Chapter 7, Mathematics from the Lagemaat textbook and then write an essay of at least 350 words on the following title: “Mathematicians have the concept of rigorous proof, which leads to knowing something with certainty. Consider the extent to which certainty might be achievable in mathematics and the natural sciences.” Post the same on Google Classroom.
2 Make at least two entries into the TOK Journals (the format is posted on Google Classroom): extracting a good KQ from an RLS. One of the two RLS must be a situation that you have observed around you (first-hand source only). The other one can be from a media source (2nd hand source will do here).



Group 2 Homework Details
French – Access this link.Open links for each lesson.

Complete all the exercises associated.
You will take a screenshot of the exercises and add it to your folder French ab initio_ students’ work in the drive

You will take a quiz on the content the first day we have a class after the holidays.
For the written task, you will type it on the drive.

Hindi HL Only Read any 4 stories from the given link and write story review of 150 – 200 words. . Your review should be such that others get inspired to read them just you are doing in book club or you can write in any format ( letter . article , interview , diary entry ) as we did in Written assignment . Write in sheet shared in classroom . You have to type your work .
Hindi HL and SL both complete your word vocabulary list from unit communication and media . At least 50 words should be in list . Words can be from links or books we referred . After vacation one quiz will be played in enrichment slot just like kaun banega crorepati .
Read atleast 5 links of your interest and put the links in the doc shared in class room . Prepare one presentation on the basis of your readings . Presentation should be in Hindi . In class everyone will get 5 minutes to talk about their readings . Teacher can ask question related to any link you read . This will help you in Individual oral in IBDP exams carrying weightage of 20 % . Link can be from these newspaper — ,
Completed all the task . Written evidences and oral presentation was very effective .
completed the task but writings are not very effective and presentations were not prepared effectively .
80 % of task have been completed . Written work and presentation was effective .
50% of task was completed . . Written work and presentation was effective .
80 % of work was completed . .Written work and presentation was not prepared or prepared ineffectively .
no work was completed . . Written work and presentation was not prepared or prepared ineffectively .



Group 3 Homework Details
BM Reading Chapter 7 & 8 and preparing a presentation on it within groups Chap 7 only SLChap 8 only HL
Economics Research on any micro economics topic and write commentary of 400 words HL/SL Both
ITGS Research on any recent development in IT. Analyse the news article using the news article analysis template.Evaluate the disadvantages over advantages of the technology and write a response in about 400 words. HL/SL Both
The News article analysis template to be is used is as:



Group 4 Homework Details Note: Prompt
Biology Design an experiment on factors affecting on enzyme activity They can research on different methods of performing practical and then design on their own. In Biology, a document will be shared with the students as an assignment on google classroom. Enzyme activity-factors affecting it
Chemistry Design an experiment. Limiting reagent
Physics Design an experiment Projectile motion
ESS Design a questionnaire to discover the attitudes of your family members, friends, acquaintances, classmates etc. towards Climate Change. You may refer to the sample questionnaire given in the ESS textbook page no 295. However, please note that you have to come up with your own set of questions, preferably multiple choice. Your questions should not be the same as given in the sample questionnaire given in the textbook. You DO NOT have to get this questionnaire filled up by anyone right now..the assignment is ONLY for designing the questionnaire. Hence, just submit the questionnaire after carefully thinking over the questions/areas/aspects related to Climate Change that you would like to include in the survey using this questionnaire.


Assessment Criteria for Group 4

Level/Marks Aspect 1 Aspect 2 Aspect 3
Defining the problemand selecting


Controlling variables Developing a methodfor collection of data
Complete/2 Formulates a focusedproblem/research

question and identifies

the relevant variables.

Designs a method forthe effective control of

the variables.

Develops a method thatallows for the collection

of sufficient relevant


Partial /1 Formulates a problem/research question that is

incomplete or identifies

only some relevant


Designs a method thatmakes some attempt to

control the variables.

Develops a method thatallows for the collection

of insufficient relevant


Not at all/0 Does not identify aproblem/research

question and does not

identify any relevant


Designs a method thatdoes not control the


Develops a methodthat does not allow for

any relevant data to be




Group 5 Work to do Links
Mathematical Studies SL Practice internal assessment project: Detailed instructions are given in the below mentioned link. The files will be further shared through google classroom.
Mathematics HL Practice internal assessment project: Detailed instructions are given in the below mentioned link. The files will be further shared through google classroom.
Mathematics SL Practice internal assessment project: Detailed instructions are given in the below mentioned link. The files will be further shared through google classroom.
A level From Pure Mathematics Paper 1, complete the instructed exercises from the chapter quadratics from the textbook.



Group 6 and task no. Homework Details
1 Capture the essence of the place with respect to its sounds and visual characteristics.
Example: Railway station, Chai ni laari, Garden, etc
Both the studies have to be recorded for “Process Portfolio” purpose
2 Give relevant name to that place and create a design for that name.



CAS Homework Details
1 Complete all the pending CAS Reflection and post it on blog along with the Reflection form
2 Read CAS handbook and sample reflections

We wish you a very happy diwali !


Grade 11 teachers.

Subroto International Football Tournament

Subroto International Football Tournament

Fountainhead Girls team was qualified for the Subroto international football tournament which was held at Delhi. The result of the tournament is as follows:

Fountainhead Vs Air force Delhi    Won by 6-0
Fountainhead Vs Uttrakhand         Won by 4-0
Fountainhead Vs Nagaland             Defeated by 6-0

Our girls played well and we congratulate all for a fantastic tournament. One of our student Khushali Chhaliawala was selected to talk on FM Rainbow all India radio.

We are proud with the team achievements.




French Grade 7-8-9

French Grade 7-8-9

This week, we did revision and we did also listening first term exam.The speaking exam also is finished. Next week,  you will have French reading and writing paper. So revise well your vocabulary and grammar (verbs, adjectives, adjectives possessives, prepositions, …)

Bharatkumar Vashi

French Teacher

UOI: Human Graph- Jr. KG Orange

UOI: Human Graph- Jr. KG Orange

Human Graph:  Learners were asked to identify their own family and make a graph by standing in respective groups of ‘Nuclear family’ ‘Nuclear family with grand parents’ and ‘joint family’. This was a mathematical representation of their learning about families.

  • IMG_0149
  • IMG_0148
  • IMG_0147
  • IMG_0146
  • IMG_0145


Suchi Dakoria
Homeroom Teacher, Jr.KG Orange
Fountainhead School
Grade 7- Maths: Few suggestions to prepare for term 1 examination

Grade 7- Maths: Few suggestions to prepare for term 1 examination

The following things should be kept in mind while preparing for Maths exam-

  • Revise the chapters from checkpoint books and worksheets.
  • The following are the blendspace modules which can be used for revision

  • The following are the unit test papers that can be used to practice  again.

Unit test paper- 5 (2) AlternatepaperUnittestpaper-

2FractionDecimalsandpercentagesPlacevalueorderingandrounding (1)

Unittestpaper-4Integerspowersandroots (3)

Unittestpaper-1Numbersystemandfractionsdecimalsandpercentages (1)

Unittestpaper-3NumbersystemFractionDecimalsandpercentagesPlacevalueorderingandrounding (1)

Prepare well for your exam. All the best!!

Highlights of the week: 6th to 10th October

Highlights of the week: 6th to 10th October

Circle Time :-

Read alouds-

1.Rooster’s Off to See the World-by Eric Carle

2.Where’s the Baby Gone-by Anushka Ravishankar

3.Three gold pieces-by Aliki

4.Chrysanthemum- by Kevin Henkes


Central Idea:- We can express ourselves in different ways.

  • Revision of different feelings , emotions and expressions was done. Then the learners illustrated their understanding , by differentiating between emotions and expressions in the form of a T Chart.
  • Integration was done with Drama and Mime ,  wherein the teachers performed for the kids in the x box .This gave the learners an enduring understanding of “Drama and Mime” as forms of expressions too.


  • Introduction of “ale” word family (bale, male, pale, sale, whale, scale,tale )
  • Introduction of sight words:- “ live , made goes , does , four”
  • Reading of the book Hop on Pop till page no. 20


Learning Centers:-:

1) Matching flashcards with words

2) Reading of sentences written in the “ale” spiral book

3) Colouring of “ale” family booklet.

4) Writing of real words from  “ale” family word slider


Guided Play:-“ Sight Words Walk”

The learners had to walk on the sight words stuck on the floor and move ahead

by reading them.


Friday Homework :- Worksheet on sight words and cut and paste worksheet of “ack” word family.



  • Introduction to skip count by 5 through ganit mala and number grid.
  • Revision of 3D shape cube through VA activity,  making cube using clay and toothpicks.
  • Introduction of numbers 71 to 80 through ganit mala and tens and ones concept , along with the concepts:- after, before and between .
  • Introduction of number names nineteen and twenty.


Learning Centers:-

Centre 1:-skip count  ( legos- teacher will give the starting number lego and ask the child to make a tower by skip count by & 10

Centre 2:-. forward and backward count from 51-80  using flash cards.

Centre 3- Before and after numbers from 51-80 using flash cards.

Centre 4: Place value corner-Concept of place value using slider. Ask the child to read the number and write the same on the laminated sheets.

Center 5: Clock corner- Showing half past on laminated sheet.

Friday Homework :- Writing of number names from 1 to 20 in the notebook.

Important Note:-

  •  Kindly revise all the three and four letter sight words(some , they , said , were , here , want , like , have , live , made , goes , does , four covered till now , as we will be taking Dictation next week.
  • Kindly return the library books by next week.
  • Sent all the books regularly back to school.