Highlights of the week: 6th to 10th October

Highlights of the week: 6th to 10th October

Circle Time :-


Read alouds-

1.Rooster’s Off to See the World-by Eric Carle

2.Where’s the Baby Gone-by Anushka Ravishankar

3.Three gold pieces-by Aliki

4.Chrysanthemum- by Kevin Henkes


Central Idea:- We can express ourselves in different ways.

  • Revision of different feelings , emotions and expressions was done. Then the learners illustrated their understanding , by differentiating between emotions and expressions in the form of a T Chart.
  • Integration was done with Drama and Mime ,  wherein the teachers performed for the kids in the x box .This gave the learners an enduring understanding of “Drama and Mime” as forms of expressions too.


  • Introduction of “ale” word family (bale, male, pale, sale, whale, scale,tale )
  • Introduction of sight words:- “ live , made goes , does , four”
  • Reading of the book Hop on Pop till page no. 20


Learning Centers:-:

1) Matching flashcards with words

2) Reading of sentences written in the “ale” spiral book

3) Colouring of “ale” family booklet.

4) Writing of real words from  “ale” family word slider


Guided Play:-“ Sight Words Walk”

The learners had to walk on the sight words stuck on the floor and move ahead

by reading them.


Friday Homework :- Worksheet on sight words and cut and paste worksheet of “ack” word family.



  • Introduction to skip count by 5 through ganit mala and number grid.
  • Revision of 3D shape cube through VA activity,  making cube using clay and toothpicks.
  • Introduction of numbers 71 to 80 through ganit mala and tens and ones concept , along with the concepts:- after, before and between .
  • Introduction of number names nineteen and twenty.


Learning Centers:-

Centre 1:-skip count  ( legos- teacher will give the starting number lego and ask the child to make a tower by skip count by & 10

Centre 2:-. forward and backward count from 51-80  using flash cards.

Centre 3- Before and after numbers from 51-80 using flash cards.

Centre 4: Place value corner-Concept of place value using slider. Ask the child to read the number and write the same on the laminated sheets.

Center 5: Clock corner- Showing half past on laminated sheet.

Friday Homework :- Writing of number names from 1 to 20 in the notebook.

Important Note:-

  •  Kindly revise all the three and four letter sight words(some , they , said , were , here , want , like , have , live , made , goes , does , four covered till now , as we will be taking Dictation next week.
  • Kindly return the library books by next week.
  • Sent all the books regularly back to school.



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