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Day: October 13, 2014

Concept of More and Less …

Concept of More and Less …

Learner learnt the concept of more and less through different manipulatives like blocks, pencils etc. They also played a game of hoola hoop where teacher made two groups with more and less students and randomly any child was asked to put the ring in a group with more students. They also played a game in which two learners were given few pencils or blocks, and other learner had to estimate the quantity and accordingly he\she had crowned his\her classmates.


Ambuja Sharma.

Highlights and homework of 13th October, 2014

Highlights and homework of 13th October, 2014


Math: The learners performed hands on activity to understand the conversion of improper fraction to mixed fraction. Later, they copied the same illustration in their notebook. They also solved the numerical conversion in their note book.

UOI: The learners prepared the time line on the chart prepared on the UOI wall.


Mathe : Complete the given worksheet.

Language: Prepare the mind map on the facts of the personality given during the weekend.

Postpone of Grade 3 night out

Postpone of Grade 3 night out

Dear Parents,
Please note that we are postponing the night out for Grade 3  scheduled on 18th October 2014  to 17th January, 2015 as the weather is not conducive for the same.
Night out details will be shared again by first week of January.
We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.
Fountainhead School
Recap of the day- 13/10/2014

Recap of the day- 13/10/2014

Settling Task:-

Learners wrote and illustrated the “Beginning” of the story- “There were three bears.”

[Unit Of Inquiry]

1) “Stitching stories- The art of embroidery in Gujarat” by Nina Sabnani.

2) “My name is Yoon” by Helen Recorvits.

During the read aloud learners made connections with the current unit “Where we are in place and time”. They got to know the migration histories of the people whose case study is there in the above stories.


Narrative Writing- Learners wrote a writing piece having “Beginning”, “Middle 1”, “Middle 2” and “End”. They wrote the story in their own words in the given A-4 size sheet.


Learners were introduced “Commutative Property” of addition. They wrote the definition of the same.

Commutative Property- “Commutative Property of Addition states that changing the order of addends does not change the sum”.

Example:- 0+6=6+0



Learners have to solve the given subtraction sums worksheet.


Disha Thakkar.

Highlights and homework 6th to 13th Oct.’14

Highlights and homework 6th to 13th Oct.’14



Learners watched videos related to spiritual and mental well-being and after which they decided activities for random acts of kindness as a class and also did some or the other kindness act on individual basis back at home. This was followed by two sessions of watching a DVD on ‘Indian food wisdom’ by Rujuta Diwekar. These sessions were conducted so that  learners develop an understanding and appreciation about Indian food wisdom and also understand the importance of certain traditional food practices.


Learners appeared for their formative and summative assessment of Decimals.


Reinforcement of opinion writing and completion of the poem- ‘If’ from empowering English reference book.


Sums on blendspace which are to be done in Maths notebook.

Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 Ideate – Day 6

Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 Ideate – Day 6

UOI: (1) Story Telling: The characters of the book “My Friend Rabbit” written by “Eric Rohmann” were  listed on the board. Learners made their own imaginary story an presented it in front of the class.

(2) Story Writing: Learners were shown pictures from the book “Babar’s Mystery” written by “Laurent De Brunhoff” and on the basis of the pictures they wrote their own imaginary story.

Students did calendar presentation and wrote reflection of the unit in the scrapbook.

Learning Outcome: To use thinking skills in order to enhance imagination.


Learners were introduced to associative and commutative property of Multiplication.



Solve the following sums in the math notebook:

Solve and Identify the type of property:

a) 7*8 = 8*7

b)6*(3*4) = (6*3)*4

c) 9*2 = 2*9

d) (4*5)*6 = 4*(5*6)


Nate: (1) Kindly prepare 2 certificates (1 for Learner profile & 1 for Attitude) for your child, which they display at home, in the given coloured sheets. The format for the certificate is given below:

“This is to certify that __(your child’s name)__ is following the Learner Profile/Attitude ___________ at home.

How:  __(write the incident where he / she has displayed that Learner profile / Attitude)__

Parent’s Sign:                                           Teacher’s Sign:”

(2) Parents Kindly check the sums of the homework to support them and sign it.

(3) The dates of the X-box performance of Grade 3 for the year 2014-2015 are as follows:

1st Dec– Inspire and Illustrate

2nd Dec– Imagine and Innovate

3rd Dec– Initiate and Illuminate

4th Dec– Ideate and Imbue