Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 Ideate – Day 6

Highlights and Homework of Grade 3 Ideate – Day 6

UOI: (1) Story Telling: The characters of the book “My Friend Rabbit” written by “Eric Rohmann” were  listed on the board. Learners made their own imaginary story an presented it in front of the class.

(2) Story Writing: Learners were shown pictures from the book “Babar’s Mystery” written by “Laurent De Brunhoff” and on the basis of the pictures they wrote their own imaginary story.

Students did calendar presentation and wrote reflection of the unit in the scrapbook.

Learning Outcome: To use thinking skills in order to enhance imagination.


Learners were introduced to associative and commutative property of Multiplication.



Solve the following sums in the math notebook:

Solve and Identify the type of property:

a) 7*8 = 8*7

b)6*(3*4) = (6*3)*4

c) 9*2 = 2*9

d) (4*5)*6 = 4*(5*6)


Nate: (1) Kindly prepare 2 certificates (1 for Learner profile & 1 for Attitude) for your child, which they display at home, in the given coloured sheets. The format for the certificate is given below:

“This is to certify that __(your child’s name)__ is following the Learner Profile/Attitude ___________ at home.

How:  __(write the incident where he / she has displayed that Learner profile / Attitude)__

Parent’s Sign:                                           Teacher’s Sign:”

(2) Parents Kindly check the sums of the homework to support them and sign it.

(3) The dates of the X-box performance of Grade 3 for the year 2014-2015 are as follows:

1st Dec– Inspire and Illustrate

2nd Dec– Imagine and Innovate

3rd Dec– Initiate and Illuminate

4th Dec– Ideate and Imbue

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