Highlights of the day – 13/10/14

Highlights of the day – 13/10/14

Day 6:

Proverb of the day: “Actions speak louder than words”.

Settling task:Students identified the given sums into commutative and associative property.

[Math]Students learnt the new method of multiplication- Array box method. They also practiced few sums in the notebook. Learners  also self-checked the mixed bag homework worksheet and clarified their doubts.

Learning outcome- To enable students to transfer meaning through different ways of Multiplication.

[Unit Of Inquiry] (1) Story Telling: The elements of the book as well as a story was discussed. Learners then observed the pictures of the book shown to them and made an imaginative story verbally for the book “The Bidgood King in the Bath-tub”.

(2) Story Writing: Learners then were shown pictures from the book “Hush…” and on the basis of the pictures they wrote their own imaginary story.

Learning Outcome: To use thinking skills in order to enhance imagination.

[Homework] Math:- Multiply the following in both Array box and Expanded form Method in your notebook : 67 X 38,       21 X 3,     845 X 32

Nate: (1) Kindly prepare 2 certificates (1 for Learner profile & 1 for Attitude) for your child, which they display at home, in the given coloured sheets. The format for the certificate is given below:

“This is to certify that __(your child’s name)__ is following the Learner Profile/Attitude ___________ at home.

How:  __(write the incident where he / she has displayed that Learner profile / Attitude)__

Parent’s Sign:                                           Teacher’s Sign:”

(2) Parents Kindly check the sums of the homework to support them and sign it.

(3) The dates of the X-box performance of Grade 3 for the year 2014-2015 are as follows:

1st Dec– Inspire and Illustrate

2nd Dec– Imagine and Innovate

3rd Dec– Initiate and Illuminate

4th Dec– Ideate and Imbue




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