Recap of the day- 13/10/2014

Recap of the day- 13/10/2014

Settling Task:-

Learners wrote and illustrated the “Beginning” of the story- “There were three bears.”

[Unit Of Inquiry]

1) “Stitching stories- The art of embroidery in Gujarat” by Nina Sabnani.

2) “My name is Yoon” by Helen Recorvits.

During the read aloud learners made connections with the current unit “Where we are in place and time”. They got to know the migration histories of the people whose case study is there in the above stories.


Narrative Writing- Learners wrote a writing piece having “Beginning”, “Middle 1”, “Middle 2” and “End”. They wrote the story in their own words in the given A-4 size sheet.


Learners were introduced “Commutative Property” of addition. They wrote the definition of the same.

Commutative Property- “Commutative Property of Addition states that changing the order of addends does not change the sum”.

Example:- 0+6=6+0



Learners have to solve the given subtraction sums worksheet.


Disha Thakkar.

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