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Day: October 14, 2014

Grade 1 Joy :Important note

Grade 1 Joy :Important note

Dear Parent,

Please make a certificate for your ward with example of incidents where he/she has exhibited the IB learner profile and attitude.(Colour papers are given to students)

Parents who have already attended the PTM need not make certificates.


This is to certify that my son/daughter ____________ demonstrated the Learner Profile/Attitude _____________ when_______________
Important note for parents

Important note for parents

Dear Parents,

We are sending colored paper the with students.Kindly make a certificate for your child with an example where he/she has demonstrated the IB learner profile and attitude.( You need to create two separate certificates) 

Kindly ignore if you have already made and/or submitted. Please submit it latest by Thursday, 16th October. 

E.g. This is to certify that my son/daughter ____________ demonstrated the Learner Profile/Attitude _____________ when_______________


Sr. KG Team.

2nd PCM of Sr.KG Sparkle and Kindle.

2nd PCM of Sr.KG Sparkle and Kindle.

This time in PCM , we had discussed in detail the way we take Language , Math and UOI in the classes. Along-with this, we also discussed about the parenting styles which focused on self realisation on how we handle our kids in different situations. I’m sure this would have guided many parents to ponder upon their behaviour with kids.

The parents got an opportunity to have hands on experience in Language and Math literacy centres. Math cycle in PYP was also discussed in detail.

With regards to the current unit of inquiry i.e under the TDT :How we express ourselves , parents were divided in groups and each group expressed the story of ‘Cinderella’ using different forms of expression like dance, drama, music & singing, mime and visual arts ( drawing, painting). The same is done with the students also in the class. So the parents were able to practically do and understand what and how the kids learn in the class.

A heartfelt thanks to all those parents who attended and participated so enthusiastically in the PCM. Indeed, they are all PROACTIVE and COURAGEOUS!! Hoping to have 100% attendance in next PCM/PTC.


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IMG_20141011_093527 IMG_20141011_094029Regards

Sr kg Kindle and  Sparkle


Highlights and homework 14th Oct.’14

Highlights and homework 14th Oct.’14

“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear”

~ Aung San Suu Kyi



The thinking tool to be used and the expectations from the learners for their summative assessment were discussed with the learners.


Learners learned conversion from fractions to decimals and percentages and vice-versa.


Learners focused on recitation and listening of the poems they had prepared from home.


Highlights and homework of 14th October, 2014

Highlights and homework of 14th October, 2014


Language: Students appeared for the pen and paper summative assessment of their reader ‘Charlotte’s Web’. Later, the teacher corrected the sheets, shared and discussed the same with the students.

Math: The teacher took up the revision of the concepts of fractions. Later, she taught the conversion of mixed fraction to improper fractions through a video and explanation on the board. The learners took a note of it in their notebooks. The teacher also gave few examples of practice in the class to check their understanding.


Math: Solve the 2 mixed fractions given in your notebook. Complete the given homework worksheet.

Language: Write a tweet on chapter 14 and 15 of the reader ‘Charlotte’s Web’.





Complete the task related to the activities that you had in class.

1. Create a comic strip that illustrates the explanation or application of MMMR, You can use Pixton to create it and get it print/mail it. Link :
2. Create a song/poem that explains MMMR or its application.
3. Complete the worksheet given.


Find an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper that has a catchphrase/slogan that convinces the customer to come to the sale, and buy the product.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Complete the pending task for the Exhibition.

Highlights of the day – 14/10/14

Highlights of the day – 14/10/14

Day 1:

Settling Time: Learners wrote words of the week “peculiar, astonishment, tomorrow, pretend, giggling, difficulty, wizards, ointment, gloomy and sobbed”

Dictation was also taken.

[Language] AIE:- The learners were taught how to make story on the website: and published the book as a class.

Learning Outcome:  Learners enhanced their thinking skills.

Language- (1) Students were introduced to Cinquain poem. The teacher showed a poem- Cinquain on the board on the topic “mother”. They also saw some online Cnquain poems on the LCD. They made a poem on their teacher  and their favourite sport in the book by themselves.

Cinquain Pattern

Line1: A noun

Line2: Two adjectives

Line 3: Three –ing words

Line 4: A phrase

Line 5: Another word for the noun.

Learning outcome- To enhance poetry skills.

(2) Writing:- They made an imaginary story using the elements of the story plot, settings and characters. Including a problem and solution with beginning, middle, ending. The students picked up the flash cards from the 3 categories- Plot, Settings & Characters and wrote their own imaginative stories in their writers book.

[Homework] UOI: ICT: Make your own imaginative story on the link given below: – story maker

Lang:- Make Cinquain poems on Mother, Dog, Books and Cold drink, on the given sheet.

Note:–  1) Kindly prepare your child’s certificates as per the format send and send them tomorrow without fail.

2) Complete your comic strip and your imaginative story and mail me before Thursday.



Recap of the day (14th October 2014)

Recap of the day (14th October 2014)

Settling Task: Learners were asked to read their goals and classroom essential agreements.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Read aloud ‘Stitching stories’ By Nina Sabnani was done. After the read aloud, learners discussed about the various reasons for migration of the characters. They also connected this book with the culture unit and were introduced ‘pull and push’ factors. They disclosed the central idea after having a discussion. The central idea is ‘Throughout the history people have migrated for a variety of reasons’.



Learners practiced subtraction sums with regrouping (2 digit – 2 digit).

[Read Aloud]

A very quite cricket By Eric Carle.

Single Subjects: PS, Gujarati, LEAP.


Kindly check the blog for homework.

Homework for Grade 2 (14th October)

Homework for Grade 2 (14th October)


Check the online link and  take any two case studies and do the venn diagram (showing similarities and differences between any 2 immigrants). Learners need to refer all the case studies again and mention about the migration place, reasons of migration (whether it is a pull or a push factor) and the effects of migration.