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Day: October 15, 2014

Highlights and Homework of 15th Oct, 2014

Highlights and Homework of 15th Oct, 2014

Following are the videos for assembly rehearsals. Learners are expected to rehearse their part at homework.


UOI – Write a biography on Christopher Columbus (150 words), referring the facts written during the read aloud done in the class and videos given as flipped classroom, in the UOI notebook.

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Important note for parents

Important note for parents

Dear Parents,

We are sending colored paper the with students.Kindly make a certificate for your child with an example where he/she has demonstrated the IB learner profile and attitude.( You need to create two separate certificates) 

Kindly ignore if you have already made and/or submitted. Please submit it latest by Thursday, 16th October. 

E.g. This is to certify that my son/daughter ____________ demonstrated the Learner Profile/Attitude _____________ when_______________


Sr. KG Team.

Glimpse of Field Trip!!!

Glimpse of Field Trip!!!

As part of learning engagement of the ongoing unit transport the young learners were taken to the field trip to the Petrol pump ,where they were asked to observe how petrol is filled in the vehicles. which vehicles come to the petrol pump? 
They were introduced with the safety rules of the petrol pump.
1.Switch off the vehicle while filling the petrol.
2.We should not use mobile phones on petrol pump.
Kindly reinforce the safety rules at home.
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Ayesha Saiyed.


Puzzle time with Grade 1 Learners

Puzzle time with Grade 1 Learners

The learners were provided with four types of puzzles  “Alphabet Sudoku” , “ Number Sudoku” , “ Crossword” and “ Word search”.

In “ Number Sudoku”, 6 by 6 grid puzzles were given and they had to write the numbers from 1 to 6 with a condition  that the numbers appear only once in each row and column.

Similar rules were applied for “Alphabet Sudoku” where few letters, A, S,K,E,B and T were given. They had to make the word BASKET in 6 by 6 grid.

In “Cross word” a puzzle consisting of a grid of squares and blanks into which words crossing vertically and horizontally are written according to clues.

In  “Wordsearch” learners had to search the words  given in the word bank. These puzzles were given for H.W.

Brain teasers (Logic puzzles) demand mental effort to find solution. The end product may be fascinating but it requires a lot of skill and concentration. If children are exposed to logical thinking from a very young age, they learn to think critically and gain confidence as well.

Important Note:

I am attaching the Images of Answer key for the last cycle’s homework worksheets for you to tally the answers. Do correct the worksheets and send them back without fail as our learners maintain a LEAP file in the class.

Answer Key:

IMG_20141001_135042 IMG_20141001_135141 IMG_20141001_135201 IMG_20141001_135206 IMG_20141001_135224 IMG_20141001_135227 IMG_20141001_135241 IMG_20141001_135244



Vaishali Desai.


Highlights and Homework of 15th Oct, 2014

Highlights and Homework of 15th Oct, 2014



UOI :Learners copied the facts on Christopher Columbus in their UOI notebook. The details of the 4 voyages and major events was also written on the timeline by the students.


Following are the videos for assembly rehearsals. Learners are expected to rehearse their part at home.



Language- Write tweet for chapter 16 and 17 in reflection notebook.


15th October, 2014. Day 2.

15th October, 2014. Day 2.

Today’s highlights:


The students did a story writing activity and learned about why  it is important to acknowledge others. They also reflected about being ‘Principled’ (LP)and having ‘Integrity’ (attitude) through this activity.

The students unpacked the central idea through a word search.

The central idea of the current unit is ‘Authors and Illustrators express themselves in a variety of ways.



The students solved a Math worksheet.


Solve the given Math worksheet.


Tomorrow there will be ‘Story Telling Competition’. Please motivate your child to participate with confidence.

Have a nice day ahead.

With warm regards,

Priya Singh.





Recap of 15th October 2014 :)

Recap of 15th October 2014 :)

Settling task: Learners filled a worksheet

Assembly: Learners attended assembly today.

[Unit Of Inquiry]  

  • Learners revised definitions of migration, migrant, immigration, immigrant and emigrant. The class discussed about the same .The definitions are as follows:

Migration: Moving from one place to another.

Migrant: A person who travels or shifts from one place to another within his/her own country.

Immigration: The act of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.

Immigrant: A person who comes to a country from another to settle.

Emigrant: A person who leaves his/her own country and lives in another country.

Example: I have a friend Taboka, she has come from Botswana, South Africa to stay here in Surat. Now in India she will be called as an immigrant but, in her own country that is Botswana she will be called as emigrant.

[Read Aloud] 

  • Read the book ‘The Jewel Heart’ written by Barbara Helen Berger.


  • U.O.I.: Make a family tree of relatives who have migrated to different places include all the modes transportation which they used while travelling. Discuss with them to check their understanding about the topic. The deadline to complete this h.w. is Friday 17th October.

Single subjects: PE, Dance

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Radhika Sharma 🙂



Discover: Reflection of three days – 13th,14th and 15th October’14

Discover: Reflection of three days – 13th,14th and 15th October’14

Great day!

New words : shove – push and paltry – very small


1) Learners wrote all the reasons for Migration and identified push and pull factors from the same.

2) Learners wrote definitions of related terms: Migration, Immigration, Migrant, Immigrant and Emigrant.

Language: Learners were introduced with ‘Conjunctions’ through Empowering English reference book. They also wrote word for each contractions from the chapter no. 6.

EE: Learners revised sound of letter ‘C’. Soft sound ‘S’ (city, cycle, mice, cylinder) and hard sound ‘K’ (cat, cake, calender, camp etc). Few words having both the sounds – circus, cyclone, circle etc.


1) Learners practised addition and subtraction sums.

2) Learners were introduced with the commutative property of addition. They also wrote some examples to show the property.

example: 5+7 = 12    7+5 = 12

No homework today 🙂


Shruti 🙂


Grade 5-Alliance: Highlights and homework of the day

Grade 5-Alliance: Highlights and homework of the day

Empowering English:

1) Learners enjoyed ‘Poem Cafe’ by reciting poem for their peers. Peers assessed each other through the poetry criteria given to them.

2) Summative assessment of language was conducted using Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Learners clarified their doubts about percentage during HW discussion and checking.



Convert Percentage to Decimal:


Convert Percentage to Fraction:


33 1/3 %

12 1/2 %