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Day: October 16, 2014

Integration with Visual arts!

Integration with Visual arts!

Learners were given exposure to different forms of  Visual arts, where they were asked to portray different emotions (sad, angry, happy, shocked, shocked, scared etc) using using clay. All the learners were really enthusiastic while making different expressions. Here are the few glimpses of the same:

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Leaders are blooming in Sr.KG Dazzle!

Leaders are blooming in Sr.KG Dazzle!

Dazzlers were appreciated and acknowledged for being proactive and submitting the homework. Few were appreciated for following routines and procedures , for not being reactive and for being good listeners . This had been done twice before also. All the students were quite excited and happy to get the smiling lollies and hopefully this serves as motivation also to all to be PROACTIVE!!

Congratulations to all the Parents too!!

Few snapshots of the same.

Note: All the students are not visible in the pics as I lost some of the pics. But each and every child was awarded with a smiling lolly.

DSC_0519 DSC_0520 DSC_0521 DSC_0522




Highlights and Homework (16/10/14)

Highlights and Homework (16/10/14)

Settling Time: Leaners completed their worksheet.


Learners were given several flash cards on the basis of the elements of a story. The flash cards were kept upside down and the learners had to pick 1 card for the plot, 1 card for the setting and 3 cards for the characters. Thus, combining all the flash cards they made an imaginary story.

Learning Outcome: To enhance their comprehension skills.

UOI :–

Learners wrote reflection of the unit by answering the following questions:

(1) What have you learnt from the unit?

(2) Which activity you liked the most?

(3) What did you feel good about the unit?

(4) Which activity did you do well?

(5) Which activity you found difficult?

(6) Which attitudes did you demonstrate during the unit and how?

(7) Which skills did you enhance?

(8) Which Learner profile did you demonstrate during the unit and how?

Learning Outcome: Learners reflect upon their understanding in the unit.

Math :-

Learners self – checked the homework sums, practiced many sums based on multiplication and clarified their doubts.

Learning Outcome: To enable students to transfer meaning through various methods of multiplication.

Homework :

Kindly watch these videos and revise the concepts at home.

Simple method video –

Array method video –

Multiplication song –


(1)Parents who were absent in the PTM- Kindly prepare 2 certificates (1 for Learner profile & 1 for Attitude) for your child, which they display at home, on A4 size coloured sheets. The format for the certificate is given below:

“This is to certify that __(your child’s name)__ is following the Learner Profile/Attitude ___________ at home.

How:  __(write the incident where he / she has displayed that Learner profile / Attitude)__

Parent’s Sign:                                           Teacher’s Sign:

(2)Please inform in prior if you are not coming on 20th Oct so that the instructions can be given for Xbox to the students and homework can be handed over accordingly.


Recap of 16th October 2014

Recap of 16th October 2014

Settling task: Learners did the observation worksheet.


Learners did poem recitation- ‘ I eat spaghetti with a spoon’.

I eat spaghetti with a spoon.
For soup I use a fork.
I drink my soda from a bottle
stopped up with a cork.

I have a pair of chopsticks
that I use for cutting cheese,
a spatula for salads,
and a knife for eating peas.

I drink my pizza from a cup,
eat ice cream with a stick,
and when I want a glass of milk
my strainer does the trick.

I slurp salami through a straw.
I don’t get too much in.
But that’s the way I always stay
so fabulously thin.

–Kenn Nesbitt

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners discussed the key concepts, TDT skills, Attitutes, etc in details related to the current unit- “Where we are in place and time”.

Learners attempted “Thinking worksheet” where they reflected their understanding about the lines of inquiry focused during this unit.(Our personal migration history, The reasons why people migrate and Effects of migration on community, culture and individuals).


[Unit Of Inquiry]

Make a family tree of relatives who have migrated to different places include all the modes transportation which they used while travelling. Discuss with them to check their understanding about the topic. The deadline to complete this h.w. is Friday 17th October.

Single subjects: PE, Hindi, Drama.

With Gratitude,

Radhika Sharma 🙂

Highlights and Homework of 16th October

Highlights and Homework of 16th October



Space exploration: Teacher started a read-aloud on the space exploration of Neil Armstrong.


Learners started writing their Autobiography on the person that they had researched on as a homework.


Learners were introduced to division of fractions.

They wrote the 3 important steps that need to be followed to do division of fractions.

Following link was used for the same:

They also solved the following sums in their Math notebook:

a) 2/3 / 4/5                     b) 3/5 / 6/7                    c) 8/13 / 2/5                d) 11/12 / 4/9       e) 7/8 / 7/9

Library slot was held.



Learners will write biography on ‘Christopher Columbus’ in their UOI notebook using the facts they had written in their UOI notebook.


A worksheet on Division of fractions.

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