G-6 Inter-house Literary event

G-6 Inter-house Literary event

The results for the inter-house literary event for grade 6.

We had an elocution competition, wherein 3 participants from each house were selected by the house members. The competition had three rounds. First round was a prepared speech on the topic:”Flights of fancy”. The second round was an impromptu round where the participants were given one commonly used good for which they had to come up with a persuasive commercial. The last was an interview round.

Our judge for the event – Ms. Mariyam Baxamusa – Team Leader (Grade 5) and Dipti Singhal and Reshma Kachwala (Homeroom Teachers- Grade 6)

The results are as follows:

1st position: Ananya Jain-Unity house

2nd position: Diya Gala-Unity house

3rd position: Neev Jogani-Dignity house and Piyush Maheshwari-Liberty House

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and their housemates!

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