Highlights and Homework. (17/10/14)

Highlights and Homework. (17/10/14)

Settling Task –  Learners completed the worksheet of superhero..

Language –  Literary Event: The literary event “What’s the good word” was conducted today. It consists of five rounds mentioned as below:

Round 1: Describe the picture using two verbs and 1 adverb.

Round 2: Choose the correct word.

Round 3: Make compound words from the given pictures.

Round 4: Choose the correct meaning of the proverb.

Round 5: Memory Game.

Learning Outcome: To enhance their Language skills.

Homework - 

Lang : Make your own poetry booklet.


(1) Diwali homework has been sent today.

(2) The scripts of X-Box performance has been sent. Kindly, make the students learn the script in the Diwali vacations.

(3) Saturday – 18th October, 2014 is a working day.

 Important notice -Please sent the certificates you have made for your children by tomorrow without fail.

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