Highlights and homework of 17th October

Highlights and homework of 17th October


Day 4

UOI : Learners wrote facts about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong on the timeline made on the UOI board in the class.

Language : Learners completed writing their Autobiography on the person that they had researched on as a homework.

Math : Learners practiced the concept of multiplication and division of fractions in their Math notebook.

Following link was used for the same:


Learners also watched the following song for Equivalent fractions:


Homework :

Language : Write the tweets of Chapter 13, 14 and 15 of Charlotte’s Web on the slip given.

Math : Complete the worksheet on the Multiplication of fractions.

Important note:

1. Diwali vacation H.W. given to the students. Language answers or rough work of Math  needs to be done in the journal/answer sheet handed over to them.

2. Pot luck Party : Students will be celebrating by having a ‘Fraction action party’ in which they need to share their food with their friends by saying what fraction of the whole food they are sharing. Eg: If I have bought 20 samosas in all and I’m sharing 2 of them with my friend I’ll say – “I’m giving you 2/20th of my samosas to you.

This time, there is a twist: students can only bring traditional Indian food on this day- so no pasta, pizza, garlic bread, noodles, potato smileys, french fries, cakes etc. Kachoris, samosa, vada, medu wada, halwa, chaat, laddoo, sukhdi etc is fine. Ideally,  we encourage students to stick to non bread times. However, bread rolls, pao bhaji is fine. As even Indian junk  food can be tasty and cool to enjoy!

3. Tomorrow is a student working Saturday and Day 5 timetable will be followed.

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