Highlights of the day- 17th Oct’14- DAY 4

Highlights of the day- 17th Oct’14- DAY 4

Language- Literary Event: The literary event “What’s the good word” was conducted today. The rounds were:

Round 1: Describe the picture using two verbs and 1 adverb.

Round 2: Choose the correct word.

Round 3: Make compound words from the given pictures.

Round 4: Choose the correct meaning of the proverb.

Round 5: Memory Game.

Learning Outcome: To enhance their writing skills.

HRM– Discussion of X box performance. Students were informed about their roles / characters in the coming up X Box Event. They are given the scripts as per their performances.

Homework- Solve the sums as per expanded, lattice and array box method- 345 X 24, 543 X 37

NOTE- Tomorrow, we will follow DAY 5 ( ON Saturday)


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