Important note for last day party before Diwali.

Important note for last day party before Diwali.

Dear Parents,

It is time for festive and fun at fountainhead and this fun is incomplete with out “FOOD”. So as a part of our fountainhead tradition we are having a last day party before Diwali on Monday, 20th October. 

Students can celebrate this by bringing home-made food as per Friday food policy. However, this time, there is a twist: students can only bring traditional Indian food on this day- so no pasta, pizza, garlic bread, noodles, potato smileys etc. Kachoris, samosa, vada, medu wada, halwa, chaat, laddoo, sukhdi etc is fine. Ideally,  encourage students to stick to non bread times. However, bread rolls, pao bhaji is fine. This is an opportunity to make them understand how Indian junk  food can also be tasty and cool!

So kindly send food sufficient enough for 4 kids. They have to come in school uniform.
Sr.KG Team.


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