Recap of the day 17th October

Recap of the day 17th October

Settling Time: Learners framed sentences on the words – curved, anxious and chatter.


Empowering English-

Tuning in- Learners did a brainstorming activity on the topic “Trees”. They came up with many facts about the trees.

[Read Aloud]

“The giving tree” by Silverstein. This read aloud was done as a part of the above tuning in activity.

Language Development: Learners revised the grammar concepts.


Learners revised the properties of 3D shapes orally. Later on, this was displayed on a chart paper in the class.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Summative Assesment was taken.

[Circle Time]

Learners understood the disadvantages of bursting crackers and took a vow by saying “No to crackers.”

[Read Aloud]

Read the book “Arthur, clean your room” written by Marc Brown.


Diwali Homework given.

Note: Tomorrow roll number 20 needs to make a story on the words (attractive, blush, trade, hug and sky) and get a new vocabulary.

Tomorrow(18th October) is a working day for the students.

Tomorrow dictation will be taken for the words of the month of September. Kindly prepare your child for the same.

This time potluck party has come up with a twist in Fountainhead school where learners can bring junk food but the dishes should be Indian and not foreign. This is done in order make them realize the importance of their culture food.

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