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Day: October 25, 2014

Highlights of the week

Highlights of the week

Highlights of the week are as follows:-

Circle Time:

WOW: Balanced (I balance my study, work and play.)

Morning message: Revision: There are 12 months in a year.They are January,February,March…

Drills: What is your favourite cartoon? My favourite cartoon is…

Introduction of the Rhyme:

Balanced,balanced,I eat healthy food,

I exercise and work hard on different things I do,I do..

Balanced,balanced,I am organised,

I work, I play and get rest too.

Be balanced, its good for you

Revision of rhymes: Every week has,O the cuckoo  and Be Proactive, up and down, open them shut them, miss molly, the river.


Wiggle:Finger family

Read Alouds:

[1] Letter ‘k’book by Jane Belk Moncure

[2] Letter ‘l’book by Jane Belk Moncure

[3] Curious george the kite by H.A Rey

[4] Does kangaroo have a mother too? by Eric Carle

[5] Love you forever by Robert Munsch

[6 ] A Lion in Paris by Mariette Robbes

UOI 1: “How we express ourselves”

Central Idea: We can express feelings and communicate meaning through different stories”

Sequencing of the story: Learners were divided into four groups where they were given sequencing boards and flash cards of different stories which they had to arrange in the sequence of beginning, middle and end

STORIES : The Rainbow fish, The magic pot, Lion and the mouse, Cinderella, Monkey and the capseller

Reflection of the story(ANT AND THE DOVE): The learners were asked to paste the cutouts of the story in sequence including the elements of the story(title, place, time and characters).

UOI 2:  “Who We Are”

Central Idea: Family and friends play a role in our lives

Pictograph: Learners made a pictograph by sticking different shapes .

Role play: Parents has dramatised the different roles and responsibilities of family members.


Introduction of letter ‘k’ through different manipulative like flashcards, objects,videos etc.


Link of letter k:



Introduction of numbers : 12 and 13

Introduction of before numbers through caterpillar number line and backward counting.

Association of number: 1-13(through different learning engagement)

Revision of less and more concept through different manipulatives.

Revision of backward counting through through ladder activity (13-0).




The learners were asked to roll the dice on letter flex, pick up the object related to the letter and speak few sentences about the object along with the sound.


Free Play:

  • Link up blocks
  • Wooden blocks
  • Construction blocks
  • Kitchen set
  • Other toys
  • Puzzles
  • Sand Pit
  • Clay

Important Points:-

  • Kindly practice recognition,sound and association of the small letters a-k with your ward. Kindly note we are focusing only on the small alphabets, so please do the same at home. Capital letters will be done later in the year.
  • Practice recognition, association, after, before, backward and forward counting of numbers [1-13] regularly with your child.
  • Try to do more of fine motor skills activities with your child at home, it will help them develop their writing skills.
  • If your child is reflecting about his/her learning at home then please inform the respective HRT (home room teacher) through mail or communication diary. Please keep a track of your child’s progress/learning.

Kindly note, the Diwali homework that has been sent has worksheets where the students need to write alphabets and numbers. The students have done ample amount of tracing and chalk ( slate) writing of the same in school. So kindly make the students use crayons while writing on the worksheet. However if any child is hesitant to write it on the worksheet, parents need to help them do the same.


Wishing you a Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year.



Dimple Topiwala


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