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Day: November 4, 2014

Clinic (Ultimate Frisbee training) by Jaidip Patel from 7th to 9th November 2014

Clinic (Ultimate Frisbee training) by Jaidip Patel from 7th to 9th November 2014

Dear all,

Jaidip Patel, the first president of the Ultimate Players Association of India (UPAI), current mentor of Delhi Ultimate community has agreed to do a 3 day clinic (or camp) for Surat Ultimate. Jaidip has wide experience of playing Ultimate and coaching teams. He has played in more than 15 teams across the world, and has captained / coached more than 6 teams including Ahmedabad DC and Chennai Airborne.

Jaidip has been interested in helping Surat Ultimate for quite some time and with SUO in mind we thought the previous weekend would be a great time to learn Ultimate from him.

Clinic dates: 7-8-9 November

Timings: 7:30 am to 6:30 p.m. with 6 hours of on-ground training, 2 hours of classroom teaching (theory, videos etc.); Sunday we will end earlier at around 4 p.m. The exact schedule will be sent after registrations are done.

Purpose: to work on skills and game strategies especially with the SUO in mind

Transport will be provided from nearby stops depending on the registrations. Lunch will be provided. Unlimited bananas will also be available.

Registration & fees: To register, please fill up this registration form. Rs. 750/- to be deducted through imprest for Fountainhead Students once you register. Non-Fountainhead students / adults are also welcome. They will need to make the payment in cash at the Front-desk to book their places.

All those interested in playing SUO 2014 should surely register for this (unless are you out of town on those dates, in which case you can even come for 1/2 days instead of 3).

More about Jaidip:

Jaidip played for discdoctors (Imperial College London student team) for 2 years from 2003-2005. Played pick-up and a couple of Open Nationals in UK since then. Coached and helped kick-start the Ahmadabad Ultimate initiative in India (using Ultimate as a tool to teach life skills to youth in Ahmadabad) from 2009-2011. Since then he has played & mentored teams in Hyderabad, Chennai and now in Delhi.

Registration form Link :

It’s time to crack the ‘Secret Code’!

It’s time to crack the ‘Secret Code’!

The learners were provided with worksheet of “Secret code” and “The first logic puzzle”

Learners had to break up the code using the information given . They had to search each coded letter on the shaded bottom row , and read up to break the code.After decoding they had got the different names of books as their final answers.

For the first logic puzzle , there were three different robots Rone , Dack and Zumm with pictures given in the worksheet. There were only three food items given in the form of picture ( metal chip cookies , Oil and crunchy cogs) with one condition to feed only one food item to one robot. Two clues were given in the form of a sentence and the students were asked to put a tick or a cross on the option selected.

These kind of  worksheets were given as a fun activity for kids as well as a way to help them develop analytical and logical thinking skills. Learners enjoyed  decoding the secret messages, and they wanted  to invent codes of their own for writing small sentences for their friends , teachers or  any family members.

Important Note:

The Answer key of last cycle’s homework ( Cycle 14) is attached for your referral. Do correct the worksheets and send them back  after Diwali without fail as our learners maintain a LEAP file in the class.

Answer Key :




Vaishali Desai.