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Day: November 7, 2014

Registration for: 1st Robotics Workshop [22-23 Nov 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz

Registration for: 1st Robotics Workshop [22-23 Nov 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz

Dear Students,

We are going to have a Robotics workshop in our school.

Following are the Links for ‘Registration form’ and ‘Workshop details’.

Major Points regarding workshop:

  • It will be in our school only [22nd-23rd Nov 2014, Saturday-Sunday]
  • Fees: Rs. 2250

Registration Form

Workshop Details [PDF]


Workshop Details [For your ready reference – Same as PDF]:

1st Robotics Workshop [22-23 Nov 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz


Scholastic, Techfest IIT-Bombay – Introduction & Format:

Scholastic, a unique initiative by Robokidz India LLP, in association with Techfest, IIT Bombay. This event is designed dedicatedly for the school students with keen interest in the field of robotics. This event will be organized in 3 stages; the first two stages of the event will be organized at the various Zonal Centers. 1st round would be comprised of a 2 day workshop on Wireless Robotics Technology in which knowledge and rudimentary concepts on WR Technology will be provided to the participating students. The 2nd round commences after the completion of the workshop i.e. a competition would be executed among the students who have participated in the workshop. The 3rd and the final round of this event will organized at IIT Bombay during Techfest-2015 which will be from 3rd where winners of each zonal center would be invited to come and participate for the final showdown at IIT-Bombay.


Scholastic, Techfest IIT-Bombay – Objectives and Key Benefit:

Techfest is aimed at promoting hands on student learning in various disciplines year after year. Techfest has always aimed at spreading science and technology to a progressively more number of students over the years, Robokidz India LLP. &Techfest IIT-Bombay workshop has been able to achieve this successfully with engineering students. This year at Scholastic, Techfest IIT-Bombay workshops we wish to do the same with much younger and smarter school students.



  • Increase quality participation.
  • Extend the Techfest platform by fostering interest in robotics to students who usually cannot gain premium exposure at such a young age.
  • Provide teams of students, a step by step approach towards mastering the nuances of robotics technology and also values like team work in a phase of competition.
  • Give Indian students of every region, an opportunity on the same footing so as to make sure learning and knowledge is same for all.