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Day: November 10, 2014

Nature Camp

Nature Camp

Dear Parents,

A gentle reminder to fill the nature camp form.

Nature camps are important because, at the camp children:

1. Spend the day being physically active.

2. Become independent and confident.

3. Develop life skills

4. Learn social skills

5. Reconnect with nature

6. Make friends

So please encourage your children to attend the nature camp.

Warm Regards,

Grade 1 Team

Back to school after Diwali Break!

Back to school after Diwali Break!

Dazzlers were quite excited to come back to the school after the Diwali break . They were enthusiastic to share what they did during their holidays. So during the Circle time, they all shared this. They revised all the rhymes done so far. Then we had the routine time table wherein we had Language, Math, UOI  and PE classes. At the end of the day , they drew and coloured what all they did during Diwali holidays. Dazzlers love colouring and so they enjoyed doing this.

Glimpses of Dazzlers enjoying the drawing and colouring:

DSC_0607 DSC_0608 DSC_0609 DSC_0610 DSC_0611 DSC_0612 DSC_0613 DSC_0614

Change in HRT- Grade 2 Dream

Change in HRT- Grade 2 Dream

Dear Parents of Grade 2 Dream,

Please note that Ms. Pinky Shah has been appointed as the HRT of Grade 2 Dream w.e.f 10th November 2014.

Pinky has done her Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology from SCET, Surat. She has been working with Fountainhead School since August 2014 and  undergone the teacher training program at Fountainhead School as well as IB approved professional development.

I wish her all the best for her new role as HRT of Grade 2 Dream.  Ms. Shehla Shaikh (Team leader, grade 2) will support and mentor Pinky for success in her new role.

Ankita Diwekar-Kabra


Recap of the day- 10/11/2014

Recap of the day- 10/11/2014

Settling Task:-

Learners wrote 5 adjectives for the festival “Diwali”.

[Circle Time]

Learners did discussion on:

1) Where they went in their Diwali break?

2) What they did in their Diwali vacation?


Learners did “Math about me” worksheet in the class. It was a fun learning worksheet where they revised the addition facts.


Article for 2nd edition of the Newsletter:-

Learners have been given the following topics. They have to choose any one from the given topics and write a poem or a writing piece on the same. (Word limit- 300 words)

1) Buying something with my own money.

2) I am one of a kind! Because….

3) If you were given 3 wishes what would they be and why would you choose them?

4) What ways do I help my family. (chores, help mommy cook, etc.)

Note:- The above H.W has to be submitted on 13/11/2014.


Disha Thakkar.



Hi and welcome back!

I hope you enjoyed your vacation and also worked on the Diwali assignments. Now that we begin class tomorrow onwards, you are all required to bring the following to your French classes without fail:

  • Your notebook (and pens and pencils… )
  • Your chromebooks with headphones
  • Your textbooks

We will be doing a lot of listening exercises this term and so it will be difficult for you to manage without headphones, so please do not forget them!




Recap of the day 10-11-2014

Recap of the day 10-11-2014

Settling Task:

Learners had to write 5 adjectives on the festival “Diwali” in their settling task notebook.

[Circle Time]

Learners discussed on:

1.What did they do during their Diwali vacation?

2.Where did they go during their Diwali vacation?

2) They also played a quiz on routines and procedures/Learner profile/attitudes and skills.


Learners did “Math about me” worksheet in the class. It was a fun learning worksheet where they revised the addition facts.


Chandani Patel.



Recap of the day 10-11-2014

Recap of the day 10-11-2014

Revision: Learners revised Essential Agreements, Routines and Procedures etc. We also changed the leaders for different jobs and made line leaders as well.

Math: Learners attempted an addition facts worksheet where they used colour coding for different answers.

Homework: No homework 🙂

Single Subject: P.S., Hindi and Gujarati.


Highlights and homework of 10th November

Highlights and homework of 10th November


1. Learners reflected on how they spent their Diwali vacation with their peers by speaking for 1 minute in-front of them.

2. Revisited the routines and procedures of the class and across the school.

U.O.I: Mountain exploration: Read aloud about Tenzing Norgay’. Teacher did a read-aloud on the mountain exploration of Tenzing Norgay. Learners simultaneously wrote the facts in their UOI notebook.

Math:  Revision of all the taught Fraction concepts till now was done in the class in their Math notebook by the learners and was corrected by the teacher.

Homework : 

Math : Practice fractions from the following link:

Stars Of The Day


Keep Reading:) Happy to see you all today:)