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Day: November 12, 2014

Highlights and homework of 12th November

Highlights and homework of 12th November

Day 3


Math :

1) Students were introduced to ‘Multiplication of fractions and whole numbers’, by showing a video. They wrote the 3 important steps that need to be followed to do multiplication of fractions and solved sums related to the same, with teacher’s assistance, in their Math notebooks. Following links were used for the same:

2) Students were given a sheet with petals drawn on it, which they cut in the shape of petals. and stuck  on an A4 sheet, illustrating them in the form of mixed fractions and improper fractions.


Math : Illustrate the following in your Math notebook by drawing petals as done on the board in the class and convert them to mixed fractions

a )7/3

b) 9/4

c) 14/5


Language : Choose one personality from the following :Tarla Dalal, Narayan Murthy, Ratan Tata, Adi Godrej, Mother Teresa, Srinivasan Ramanujan, Aryabhatta, Kapil Dev, Vishwanathan Anand, C.V.Raman and write 15 facts (in points) about  any one of these personalities in given A4 sheet.

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Recap of the day 12th November

Recap of the day 12th November

Settling Task: Learners practiced the concept of addition where they had to look for 2 numbers they find from their class.

[Circle Time]

Learners revisited the essential agreements of their class and the routines and procedures they had set in the beginning of they year. They also understood the usage of research and self management skills.


Learners of grade 2 dream and wonder were merged in groups of 10 where they were given a class library book. They had to read the book in their respective group and come up with a different beginning and end part of the story, write adjectives for the characters of the story, write 5 verbs from the story and a proper noun from the story. Learners thoroughly enjoyed in this activity.


Learners practiced addition word problem in their math notebook.


Learners need to complete the language worksheet given.

Note: Tomorrow roll number 1 needs to bring a new vocabulary along with its meaning.

Learners need to write an article for the newsletter coming up. The topics for the same has been posted on the earlier blog. Kindly encourage your kids to write for the same. The last day to submit the same is Saturday (15th November).

Recap of 12th November 2014

Recap of 12th November 2014

  • Settling task:

Learners wrote 3  points about their family.

  • [Language]

Learners read class library books.

  • [Math]

Revision of Math concepts.

  • [Circle Time]

Learners revised ‘Routines and Procedures’.

  • [Homework]

Worksheet is given to the learners.

Single subjects: Drama, Hindi and PE

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Grade 5 Synergy Highlights and Homework – 12th Nov’14

Grade 5 Synergy Highlights and Homework – 12th Nov’14

UOI: Tuning in: Gallery walk: Artefacts were displayed in the grade corridor, with questions like: ‘What do you think I am?, Who I am?, What is my role?, Have you seen something similar to me? Where?, Where can you find me?, What am I used for?’
Students moved around the corridor to observe and pen down their wonders in a graphic organizer of their choice.
Language: Reader: Prepared a mind map as a whole class, with inputs on various features of ‘Harry Potter’ arising in their minds when talking about it. This followed by a line game to check on their prior knowledge about the reader. Then the students individually read the first chapter of the reader.
Math:Increase and Decrease in percentages through a video that followed by some sums on the same.
UOI: Complete the graphic organizer as instructed. Carry your headphones to schools regularly without fail.
Language: Complete reading chapter one with annotation of adjectives and new words. Read the Second chapter and summarize it with answers to these questions:
1. Are all of the main ideas included?
2. Is tense use logical?
3. Are capital letters in the right places?
Write all the three answers in one paragraph.
Math:For Math mela collect 10 pictures of items you want to put for sale. For eg, watch, shoes, T-shirt, book CB sleeve, USB, skin etc.. Stick 5 picture on one sheet and and the remaining 5 on another sheet.
Complete task number 9 and 10 on the link given below.

Grade 5 Conglomerate 12/11/2014.

Grade 5 Conglomerate 12/11/2014.


[Language] Summarize the main events of Chapter 2  of the reader and participate in the discussion tomorrow. Make sure the sequence of the events are in order.

What happens first and what next. ? We want to see which reader gets all the events in order. So gear up.

Carry your dictionary.

Make sure to circle the  new word and underline adjective with the highlighter.


1) Complete sheet 1 by a)Writing a noun phrase to the product b) Writing the original price c) the increase in % and d) the selling price. [ Bring it to school for checking]

2) Watch the video

After the video solve the  sums in Math note book.

Increase Rs 500 by 20%,

decrease 200 g by 15%,

increase 360 ml by 5%,

decrease Rs 12 by 2%

Recap of the day – 12/11/2014 – Day 4

Recap of the day – 12/11/2014 – Day 4

Settling Time: Language Development – Week 8 Day 3.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

The teacher asked some  provocative questions  like, “Where do you live?” etc. This was then followed by a few more questions  as per the inquiry and the students attempted  various workstations through globe, political map, power-point presentation and were tuned into the new unit.


Revised and cleared the doubts related to all the methods of multiplication.

Learning Outcome: To revise all the methods of multiplication.



Solve the sum 204 X 50 by any of the two methods in the math notebook.




Highlights of the day – 12/11/2014

Highlights of the day – 12/11/2014

[Unit Of Inquiry]
Today, learners had a wonderful experience of wandering and wondering in the Gallery walk activity which was our learning engagement for tuning-in into new unit. Learners were seen observing the objects kept and making connections, categorizing into old/new, past/present, usage of these objects, change that has happened over the time for the artifact kept. After the Gallery walk activity, learners were asked to reflect on their learning using the graphic organizer of their choice.

Language -: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

After the homework discussion, we did a recap activity of comparing the nouns with adjectives from the chapter -1. After this, we read the chapter – 2, applying the popcorn strategy. Learners enjoyed the session and appreciated the writing style of the author J.K.Rowling.

Learners watched the video and solved the sums on increasing and decreasing the quantity by percentages.

UOI: Complete the graphic organizer if left incomplete related to the gallery walk.

Language: Write the summary of Chapter – 2 in EE notebook keeping in mind the below mentioned questions -:
. Are all of the main ideas included?
• Is tense use logical?
• Are capital letters in the right places?

Math: Watch video on task no. 9 and solve task no. 10 of blendspace.