Grade 5 Conglomerate 12/11/2014.

Grade 5 Conglomerate 12/11/2014.


[Language] Summarize the main events of Chapter 2  of the reader and participate in the discussion tomorrow. Make sure the sequence of the events are in order.

What happens first and what next. ? We want to see which reader gets all the events in order. So gear up.

Carry your dictionary.

Make sure to circle the  new word and underline adjective with the highlighter.


1) Complete sheet 1 by a)Writing a noun phrase to the product b) Writing the original price c) the increase in % and d) the selling price. [ Bring it to school for checking]

2) Watch the video

After the video solve the  sums in Math note book.

Increase Rs 500 by 20%,

decrease 200 g by 15%,

increase 360 ml by 5%,

decrease Rs 12 by 2%

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