Highlights of the day – 12/11/2014

Highlights of the day – 12/11/2014

[Unit Of Inquiry]
Today, learners had a wonderful experience of wandering and wondering in the Gallery walk activity which was our learning engagement for tuning-in into new unit. Learners were seen observing the objects kept and making connections, categorizing into old/new, past/present, usage of these objects, change that has happened over the time for the artifact kept. After the Gallery walk activity, learners were asked to reflect on their learning using the graphic organizer of their choice.

Language -: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

After the homework discussion, we did a recap activity of comparing the nouns with adjectives from the chapter -1. After this, we read the chapter – 2, applying the popcorn strategy. Learners enjoyed the session and appreciated the writing style of the author J.K.Rowling.

Learners watched the video and solved the sums on increasing and decreasing the quantity by percentages.

UOI: Complete the graphic organizer if left incomplete related to the gallery walk.

Language: Write the summary of Chapter – 2 in EE notebook keeping in mind the below mentioned questions -:
. Are all of the main ideas included?
• Is tense use logical?
• Are capital letters in the right places?

Math: Watch video on task no. 9 and solve task no. 10 of blendspace.

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