Recap of the day 12th November

Recap of the day 12th November

Settling Task: Learners practiced the concept of addition where they had to look for 2 numbers they find from their class.

[Circle Time]

Learners revisited the essential agreements of their class and the routines and procedures they had set in the beginning of they year. They also understood the usage of research and self management skills.


Learners of grade 2 dream and wonder were merged in groups of 10 where they were given a class library book. They had to read the book in their respective group and come up with a different beginning and end part of the story, write adjectives for the characters of the story, write 5 verbs from the story and a proper noun from the story. Learners thoroughly enjoyed in this activity.


Learners practiced addition word problem in their math notebook.


Learners need to complete the language worksheet given.

Note: Tomorrow roll number 1 needs to bring a new vocabulary along with its meaning.

Learners need to write an article for the newsletter coming up. The topics for the same has been posted on the earlier blog. Kindly encourage your kids to write for the same. The last day to submit the same is Saturday (15th November).

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