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Day: November 14, 2014

Recap of 14th November 2014

Recap of 14th November 2014


Settling task:

  • Learners organized the class.


  • Read chapter-3 I wish I were a Tree-by Sushama Jain.They also wrote meanings for the words orchard/produce/protest/rumbling/swayed in their E.E book.


  • Revision of word problems.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • Learners were tuned in to the new unit “How the world works” where they were taken out in the open area and were asked to observe the sky. They had to write the things they see in the sky during day time in the color sheet given.


  •  Learners attended L.E.A.P. session today.


[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • Learners have to observe the sky at night and make a mind map of the same in the given colored A-4 size sheet.


  • Tomorrow is a working day for students.
  • Roll no. 3 will do a read aloud tomorrow.
  •  Please send the “Khari kamai” circular with your child tomorrow without fail.

With Gratitude,

Radhika Sharma 🙂

Inter school Karate competition Selection 2014-15

Inter school Karate competition Selection 2014-15

Hello all,

This is to inform you that Fountainhead school is set to host its 5th Karate competition on 29th November 2014. All the interested students should report to Hariom sir for their selection.

Students have to perform a fight if there are more than 2 participants in any category and if he//she performs better than others then only he/she will get selected for the competition.  We may conduct camp for selected students for 5 days only to give them tips about technique and skills.

In karate, our school team has always shown good results and we have seen maximum schools participating in karate competitions. This year also 17 to 20 schools are expected to participate with us in competition.

So all the interested students get ready and start practicing your art to make this event  successful once again. I will update the list of selected students for the competition on the blog by 25th November 2014.

Inter School Competition date – 29th November 2014

Venue – Fountainhead School (Assembly)

Timing – Under 12, 14, & 17 in the morning ( from 7:30am to 12:15pm)

& Under 8 & 10 in the afternoon (from 1:00pm to 5:00pm)

Fight categories for the Boys


6yrs-8yrs 8yrs-10yrs 10yrs-12yrs 12yrs-14yrs 14yrs – 17yrs
Below 20 kg. Below 25kg Below 30kg. Below 30kg. Below 35kg
20Kg – 25kg 25kg-30kg. 30kg-35kg. 30kg-35kg. 35kg – 40kg
25kg – 30kg 30kg-35kg. 35kg-40kg. 35kg-40kg. 40kg – 45kg
30kg – 35kg 35kg-40kg. 40kg-45kg. 40kg-45kg. 45kg – 50kg
35kg & above 40kg -45kg 45kg-50kg. 45kg-50kg. 50kg – 55kg
45kg & above 50kg – 55kg. 50kg – 55kg. 55kg – 60kg
55kg & above 55kg & above 60kg & above


Fight categories for the girls

6yrs-8yrs 8yrs-10yrs 10yrs-12yrs 12yrs-14yrs 14yrs – 17yrs
Below 20kg. Below 25kg Below 25kg. Below 30kg. Below 35kg
20kg-25kg. 25kg-30kg. 25kg-30kg. 30kg-35kg. 35kg – 40kg
25kg-30kg. 30kg-35kg. 30kg-35kg. 35kg-40kg. 40kg – 45kg
30kg & above. 35kg-40kg. 35kg-40kg. 40kg-45kg. 45kg – 50kg
40kg & above. 40kg-45kg. 45kg-50kg. 50kg – 55kg
45kg & above 50kg -55kg 55kg & above
55kg & above

Note: This is to inform you that karate is a contact sport where injuries are possible. Though we will take care of each and every students safety but if any mishaps happens during the competition school or the coach will not be responsible for the same.

Creative way of learning!

Creative way of learning!

Learners creatively made their birthday cap of sight words, as an integration activity of Math cone shape and language. Each of them stuck the sight words on their cap they knew. All the kindlers enthusiastically made their own birthday cap.

A few glimpses of the same are:

20141113_140733 20141113_140802 20141113_140829 20141113_140840 20141113_141240 20141113_141248 20141113_141301 20141113_141313 20141113_141323 20141113_141352 20141113_141830 20141113_141840 20141113_141849 20141113_141859 20141113_141935 20141113_141940 20141113_141953 20141113_142001 20141113_144020 20141113_144033 20141113_144040 20141113_144046 20141113_144107 20141113_144118 20141113_144123 20141113_144130 20141113_144141 20141113_144157 20141113_144211 20141113_150942 20141113_150949 20141113_151014 20141113_151023 20141113_151027 20141113_151034 20141113_151044 20141113_151359



We are creative and learn while we make!!!!!!

We are creative and learn while we make!!!!!!

Dear parents,

Here are a few glimpses of the learners making an Ice-cream cone. They were given cut outs of a cone and they had to roll to make a cone. They then felt the surface and got the understanding that the cone has a curved surface.After that they did paper crumpling and made the scoop of the ice-cream.  They could connect this shape with the story Pinnochio and his nose.They also did messy play with plaster of paris. They made their scoop of ice-cream and then they made a mind map of the real life objects that are cone shaped.This was an integration activity of U.O.I with math.078 079 080 081 082 083 084 085 086 087 088 089 090 091 092 093 094 095 096 097 098 099 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107


Payal Jain