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Day: November 15, 2014

Guided Play- Dice Letter Game

Guided Play- Dice Letter Game

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Dice letter game ( Guided Play) : Learners were asked to roll a dice which had different letters (lower case) printed on it, which ever letter viewed on the top after rolling, they had to identify the letter,  go to that letter on the flex, pick up the object and relate to the sound and association of that letter.




Highlights of the week (10th to 15th November)

Highlights of the week (10th to 15th November)

Highlights of the week.

Circle Time:


Morning message: we are friends and we care for each other.

Drills: How old are you?

Introduction of the Rhyme:

Where is butterfly? where is butterfly?

Here I am here I am

How are you this morning?

Very well and thank you,

Fly away home fly away home

Where is Deer?…..

Here I am here I am

How are you this morning?

Very well and thank you,

Run away home, run away home

Where is lion?

Here I am here I am

How are you this morning?

Very well and thank you,

Roar away home, roar away home

Where is rabbit?…

Here I am here I am

How are you this morning?

Very well and thank you,

Hop away home, hop away home

Where is fishy?…

Here I am here I am

How are you this morning?

Very well and thank you,

Swim away home, swim away home

Revision of :Miss molly, every week & months of the year

Revision of wiggles:

My whole body can move (

Read Alouds:

Curious george and pizza- H.R.Rey

.new tricks I can do-Dr sesus

.The very lonely firefly- Eric Carle

The rainbow fish

My friends by Taro Gomi

Fish friends three by Karadi Tales

UOI 1: “How we express ourselves”

Central Idea: We can express feelings and communicate meaning through different stories”


Activity ( soundless visuals)

The learners were divided in 4 groups and watched a video without volume. The teacher gave prior instruction like:

Group 1 will discuss about the character of the story

Group2: beginning, middle and the end

Group 3: place and time and

Group 4:title

UOI 2:  “Who We Are”

Central Idea: Family and friends play a role in our lives


Tunning in of friends through read aloud of stories.


Revision of:

Types of families

Roles, responsibilities, Independent, dependent and interdependent within family members.


Introduction of: Venn diagram [Integrated with math concept].For eg: Teacher made the venn diagram of nuclear and joint famil,mother and father,brother and sister, friend and sibling etc.


Introduction of multiple instructions through worksheets.

Introduction of writing through Sky grass land concept in red and blue lines.

Revision of letter ‘g, h,i,j,k,l’ through different manipulative like flashcards, objects,videos etc.


Link of letter g:

link of letter h:

Link of letter i –

Link of letter j-

The Letter k Song –

The Letter l Song –


Revision Of all the numbers 1-13, and number operations(forward counting, backward counting, after\before numbers, association, more and less than)



Free Play:

  • Link up blocks
  • Wooden blocks
  • Construction blocks
  • Kitchen set
  • Other toys
  • Puzzles
  • Sand Pit
  • Clay

Important Points:-



  • We will be sending the workbooks (language\math) on every week for homework. Kindly help your child to complete the given homework and send the workbook back on immediate next day without fail(if book mis send on Monday then send the book back on next day ie Tuesday and if the book is send on Friday then send the book on Monday).
  • We will not be sending any reminders, please be regular in sending the book back to school, otherwise your child will miss out on class work.
  • Kindly note the homework: language Workbook pg:- 80,82



  • Kindly practice recognition,sound and association of the small letters a-j with your ward. Kindly note we are focusing only on the small alphabets, so please do the same at home. Capital letters will be done later in the year.
  • Practice recognition, association and forward counting of numbers [1-13] regularly with your child.
  • Please send 2 lap size napkins regularly in the school bag and keep the lunch box and napkin in 1 small carry bag. (Kindly ignore if you are already sending it in this manner)
  • Kindly sign in diary for note/circular. Also take out circular from the diary.Please mention about the things sent ( objects, library books) etc. in diary.(When you send to teacher)
  • Try to do more of fine motor skills activities with your child at home, it will help them develop their writing skills.
  • If your child is reflecting about his/her learning at home then please inform the respective HRT (home room teacher) through mail or communication diary. Please keep a track of your child’s progress/learning.

☺Happy weekend!☺


Jigna Chevli

VA activity

VA activity

After the read of ‘I LOVE COLORS’ by Hans Wilhelm , learners were asked to stuck the cutouts of wool on the picture of dog and dab the poster colors with the sponge. They gained the understanding about the primary colors and the mixture of the same makes secondary colors.

Recap of 15th November

Recap of 15th November

Settling task:

Read a book ‘Strega Nona takes a vacation’ written by Tomie de paola and asked learners to connect it with attitudes and LP’s.


Learners did Narrative writing on the topic they liked. (BME- Beginning/ Middle/ End).

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners discussed on the things they observed in the sky at night (in homework) and during day time (in school). They were asked different provocative questions like:-

1) What objects did you see?  2) Are any of these objects moving? 3) Describe how they are moving?

Single subjects: Music


Learners have to read a  book and do the worksheet.


Radhika Sharma  🙂




Recap of the day (15th November 2014)

Recap of the day (15th November 2014)

Settling Task: Learners were asked to arrange the class resources.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Discussion on yesterday’s homework was taken about night view of sky through this learners were tuned into the new unit. They also discussed about the difference between night view and day view of the sky.


Read aloud on chapter ‘I wish I were a tree’ from Empowering English Reference book was completed. Learners were asked to write meaning of difficult words in their Empowering English notebook.

Through this read aloud they were also introduced homographs. The words which have same same spelling, same pronunciation but different meaning.

For example: Bat – I play cricket with bat.

Bat: Bat comes out during night only.

Children came up with many words like orange, watch, fair, light, left etc.

Language Development: Learners revised all the grammar concept through Language with Ease reference book.


mr seth has two fast cars and one red racing bike but he like his bike more.

A) Punctuate the above sentence.

Mr. Seth has two fat cars and one red racing bike but he likes his bike more.

B) Form the sentence above, fill the table with the grammar items you know.

Proper noun Common Noun Article Verb Adjective Preposition Conjunction
Mr. Seth cars has h) two and
bike likes (a) fast but
bike one


Learners revised succeeding, preceding, number names, ordinal number names and expanded form through card games.


Read class library book. Learners will narrate the story on Monday in front of the class in their own words.


Grade 5 – Alliance : Highlights and homework of the day

Grade 5 – Alliance : Highlights and homework of the day


Learners practice with the decreased in price by certain percentages through a worksheet.

UOI- Where We Are In Place And Time:

Learners understood the concept of time line and different ages through a video and a PPT shown to them. They tried to create the timeline of their own choice in a group.

Language Development:

Week 8: Day 5 is completed.



Choose any one of the topics or concepts to form a timeline of the same. For eg.: Parker pens or Bajaj scooters etc.


Check the electricity bill of your house. Get a photo copy of it. Also verify the amount which is mentioned with your parent’s help.




Discover: Reflection of the day – 15th Nov’14

Discover: Reflection of the day – 15th Nov’14

Beautiful day !

New vocabulary: chuckle – laughing softly

Language: 1) Empowering English- Chapter -3: Learners drew Venn diagram on cats and dogs.

2) Learners read a class library book and wrote reflection which includes- title, author, illustrator, characters, beginning, middle, end, new words learnt, demonstrated habit/LP/attitude.

Math: Learners practised regrouping subtraction sums.

Single subject: Hindi and PE

Homework:- Math notebook: Regrouping subtraction sums (2-digit)


Shruti 🙂



Highlights and homework of 15th November, 2014

Highlights and homework of 15th November, 2014



Maths: Teachers asked the learners ” What comes to your mind first when you hear Multiples?” After the discussion teacher said “A multiple of a number is the product of that number and any other whole number.”
Learners were asked to find 5 multiples of 12, 18, 24, 36 and 45.

Learners were shown the following videos in order to revise the concept learnt earlier in Grade 3 of Prime and composite numbers.

Learners wrote the reflection upon the same videos on an A4 color sheet.

Assembly essential agreement  made with the learners today.


Math: Explore the below given link.

Note: Kindly prepare the for performance that has been briefed to the learners as per the selection done. The links are posted on the student’s and parent’s id.

Recap of the day

Recap of the day

Settling Task: Learners wrote ordinal number names from 21st- 25th in their settling task notebook.

[Math] Learners orally revised the subtraction sums 2 digit (with regrouping) and 3 digit (without regrouping).

[Language] Learners read the remaining part of the chapter “I wish if I were a tree” from the Empowering English reference book at the end of which a poem was given “Donkey Donkey”. Learners recited the poem and attempted 2 questions given below it.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners discussed on the things they observed in the sky at night (in homework) and during day time (in school). They were asked different provocative questions like:-

1) What objects did you see?  2) Are any of these objects moving? 3) Describe how they ae moving?

[Read Aloud] Nuts for you by Lois Ehlert.

[Homework] Learners have to read the given class library book and solve the given 2 digit subtraction sums.

58-49 , 64-47, 94-57, 86-48