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Day: November 18, 2014

Interest for volleyball and karate Inter School Competition Selection

Interest for volleyball and karate Inter School Competition Selection

Hello all,

I believe the parents and students know that we are doing selection for Volleyball, Karate and Basketball Inter school competition in PS classes which will take place on 29th November 2014, Saturday.

Basketball selection will get over in PS but Volleyball and karate will take time. So we have decided to call students in extra time so that we can finish selection soon.

On Thursday we will do selection of volleyball in the morning and selection for karate in the afternoon. It is possible that students may not be allowed to board or get down at the same stop , so i am sending you a form and according to responses we will send you the final stop for pick up and drop off.

Click on the below link to fill up the form:


Free Robotics Seminar [20 Nov 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz

Free Robotics Seminar [20 Nov 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz

Dear Students,

We got the confirmation from the organizer for the ‘Robotics Workshop’… Due to some scheduling problem they will not able to take the workshop on 22nd-23rd Nov (As announced before)… Following are the details/updates…

1. The workshop has been postponed to 29th-30th Nov 2014 [Sat-Sun].

2. There will be a  ‘Robotics Seminar’ – On 20th Nov [Thursday, Day4] – Free

This Blog post is about the ‘Robotics Seminar’…

1. Purpose: To introduce outline of the Robotics Workshop

2. Date: 20th Nov [Thursday, Day4]

3. Time: For Grade 5 and 6 –> 12pm to 12:20pm // For Grade 7 to 11 –> 12:30pm to 1:10pm

4. You will be missing your class to attend this seminar… So, Only interested students should register for this. [There is no fees for this seminar]

Link of Registration Form for the seminar:

Free Robotics Seminar [20 Nov 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz

NOTE: Registration form for the workshop [29th-30th Nov 2014] will be Posted after the seminar [on 20th Nov] – Those who registered before has to re-register for that. Transportation, Timings – all details will be Given in that post.

Homework of 18th November

Homework of 18th November

UOI : Describe about the exploration of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 150 words in A4 paper given.  Points to be kept in mind while writing are: 1). Time-line, 2). Learner profile of the explorers, 3). Attitudes of the explorers, 4)The risks and challenges faced by the explorers ( how they worked together as a team).5)Reasons for their exploration 6)Consequences of their exploration.

3-4  of the above writing pieces will be shared with the class tomorrow by picking up popsickle sticks !

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Recap of 18th November 2014

Recap of 18th November 2014

Settling task:

  •  Learners wrote s about something which makes them angry.


  • Learners were given 5 scrambled sentences from the chapter “I wish if I were a tree” (Empowering English reference book) and were asked to unscramble it in their E.E. notebook.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • Learners drew and labelled the things that they observed yesterday. Learners came up with the words “Earth”, “Space”, etc. through provocative questions which were asked during the discussion.



  • Worksheet is given to the learners.

Single  subjects: PE and dance.


  • Roll no. 4 and 5 will do a read aloud tomorrow.

With Regards,

Radhika Sharma 🙂


Recap of the day 18th November

Recap of the day 18th November

Settling Task: Learners drew a symbol of their own imagination.

[Read Aloud]

Read the book “A silly story of Bondapalli” by Shamim Padamsee.


Language development: Learners practiced grammar concepts through the reference book.

[Circle Time]

Learners were made aware of the responsibility to revise the concepts of language and math on a daily basis and the importance of doing so. I would request you to talk to them about the same. They have promised me that they will study for 30 minutes on a daily basis. You need to make sure that you find some time for them and make them fulfill their promise. 🙂

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners reflected their prior knowledge on the unit so far after the visit to the pulse room. They had to write What I know? and What do I want to know?


Learners practiced addition sums orally and they also came up with different approaches to a solution.


Learners need to do Narrative writing on the topic – “I want to go….” in the colour paper given.

Recap of the day

Recap of the day

Settling Task:-

Learners wrote about a thing that makes them angry.

[Language] 1) Learners did a learning engagement “Cut and paste” to revise the concept of contractions. They did the same in groups of 4. They were given words like “they’re”, “I’ll” , “I will”, “they are” and they had to match the same and paste them on the given chart paper.

[Unit Of Inquiry] Learners filled “K- What I Know?” and “W- What I Want to know? ” graphic organizer for things they observed in pulse yesterday. In the given “KWL” graphic organizer the learners only catered to K and W. They also drew and labelled the things that they observed yesterday.

[Read Aloud] Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

[Math] Learners were given addition sums to be solved using a method other than  they do usually. This was done in order to make them understand that there are different approaches to reach an answer.They came up with creative ideas through which they can solve a sum.

Music and Movement : Wiggles done.

[Homework] Learners need to do narrative writing on the topic: I want to go….   in the colour paper given.


Pinky Shah

Grade 3 Imbue,Recap of the day – 18 Nov’14

Grade 3 Imbue,Recap of the day – 18 Nov’14

Settling Task – Language with ease correction week 8.



Math – Solve the following using any method you like.

a)324 x564       b)567x 231

Learn tables 2 to 6.

Language – Learn the poem “My Pet Monster”.