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Day: November 23, 2014

Highlights of the week-17th Nov – 20th Nov

Highlights of the week-17th Nov – 20th Nov

Recap of the week:

Word Of the Week :

EMPATHY (Putting yourself into others’ shoe.)

Morning message:

We are friends and we care for each other.

Rhymes And Drills:

Drill: How old are you?


Introduction of rhyme:

This is the father good and kind.

This is the mother with the gentle mind.

This is the brother grown so tall,

This is the sister playing with her doll.

This is the baby still to grow,

Here is a family all in a row.

Revision of :Miss molly, days of the week & months of the year, where is butterfly…

Read Alouds:

  1. ‘m’ book
  2. ‘n’ book
  3. Manner Matter by Marc Brown
  4. Make Up Mess
  5. If you take mouse to school by Laura Numeroff


Backward counting

UOI 1: “How we express ourselves”

Central Idea: We can express feelings and communicate meaning through different stories”

Performance by ARTS TEAM on the story of ‘FISH FRIENDS THREE’ in the XBOX

UOI 2:  “Who We Are”

Central Idea: Family and friends play a role in our lives

Introduction of mind map through family members such as father, mother, friend and family etc .  This activity helped to understand the roles and responsibilities of the family and friends.

Learners presented the roles and responsibilities chart/scrapbook in front of the whole class.


Introduction of Letter “m’ through magic  box

letter m song:

Introduction of Letter “n’ through magic  box

Letter n song:


Introduction of number 15.

Revision of after and before numbers, forward/backward counting, association and more and less.

Introduction of Less than(<), Greater than(>), and Equal to(=) through crocodile mouth concept. 


My Skill Book CW- 10, 11

Guided Play:


Doll house free play.


The teacher made children sit in a circle and then they were be given different situations where they used their thinking skills and acted according to the situation given to them. Here the teacher role modelled alongside the child to give a better understanding.


Learners were shown the story ‘The Lazy Boy’  through youtube. After watching the story they made a paper mask by coloring and decorated it. Then they stuck letter ‘m’ pictures on it.(Integrated with Language)

Story Link:

Free Play:

  • Link up blocks
  • Wooden blocks
  • Construction blocks
  • Kitchen set
  • Other toys
  • Puzzles
  • Sand Pit
  • Clay

 Important Points:-

  • We will be sending the workbooks (language\math) on every week for homework. Kindly help your child to complete the given homework and send the workbook back on immediate next day without fail(if book is send on Monday then send the book back on next day i.e Tuesdayand if the book is send on Friday then send the book on Monday). We will not be sending any reminders, please be regular in sending the book back to school, otherwise your child will miss out on class work.
  • Kindly note the homework: language Workbook pg:- 84 & 86  Math workbook: pg no. 1, 2, 11 & 12.
  • Kindly practice recognition,sound and association of the small letters a-m with your ward. Kindly note we are focusing only on the small alphabets, so please do the same at home. Capital letters will be done later in the year.
  • Practice recognition, association and forward counting of numbers [1-13] regularly with your child.
  • Please send 2 lap size napkins regularly in the school bag and keep the lunch box and napkin in 1 small carry bag. (Kindly ignore if you are already sending it in this manner)
  • Kindly sign in diary for note/circular. Also take out circular from the diary.Please mention about the things sent ( objects, library books) etc. in diary.(When you send to teacher)
  • Try to do more of fine motor skills activities with your child at home, it will help them develop their writing skills.
  • If your child is reflecting about his/her learning at home then please inform the respective HRT (home room teacher) through mail or communication diary. Please keep a track of your child’s progress/learning.

☺Happy weekend!!☺


Tasnim Y Batliwala