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Day: November 27, 2014

Learning Language is so much fun !!!

Learning Language is so much fun !!!

Learner enjoyed reinforcement of ale , ake and ank word families through new and exciting centers which are as follows:-

Center 1:- Reading and sorting of word families lollipops in their respective jars.

Center 2:- Making of word family tower

Center 3:- Sorting of word families flash cards in their respective engines, of the “word family train”.

Center 4:- Listening  Center

Center 5:- Association of word families with their pictures

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Grade 3 Imbue,Recap of the day- 27 Nov’14

Grade 3 Imbue,Recap of the day- 27 Nov’14


We did X-Box Practice.


Learn your scripts thoroughly and practice dance steps too.

Learn tables and come till 12.

Note: Bring all the Props and costumes to show tomorrow without fail. Those who are in stone age  scene and monster party please update me about your costumes  whether you are able to get it or not.

Fountainhead Inter-School Basketball Tournament Selection List 2014-15

Fountainhead Inter-School Basketball Tournament Selection List 2014-15

Under-14 Boys

Student Name Grade Category
Dhruv Rathod 8 U-14 Boys
Harit Khadepaw 7 U-14 Boys
Affan Dheariya 7 U-14 Boys
Jay Modi 7 U-14 Boys
Vedant Trivedi 7 U-14 Boys
Darsh Gondalia 8 U-14 Boys
Pratik Agarwal 8 U-14 Boys
Kush Goyal 8 U-14 Boys
Mitansh Desai 8 U-14 Boys
Rohit Pillai 7 U-14 Boys


Under-14 Girls

Student Name Grade Category
Prishita Agarwal 8 U-14 Girls
Kavya saraf 8 U-14 Girls
Sinduja Khaitan 8 U-14 Girls
Vritika Patel 8 U-14 Girls
Palak Marfatia 8 U-14 Girls
Maureen Jariwala 7 U-14 Girls
Khushi Bhaiya 7 U-14 Girls
Shloka Shah 7 U-14 Girls
Preet Sanghvi 8 U-14 Girls
Nivisha Yadav 7 U-14 Girls
Nandini Bansal 8 U-14 Girls
Suhani Shah 8 U-14 Girls


Under-17 Girls (A)

Student Name Grade Team Name Category
Anoushka Jariwala 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Shivani Ghantiwala 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Zeal Shah 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Parvashi Naik 10 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Muskaan Agarwal 10 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Mahimna Vyas 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Vidushi Gupta 10 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Swani Shah 10 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Himani Pacchigar 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Dhwani Bapna 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Smriti Dhariwal 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls
Nishtha Jain 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Girls


Under-17 Girls (B)

Student Name Grade Team Name Category
Samashti Patel 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Vedika Arya 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Khushi Gajjar 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Yashita Jain 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Hetvi Shah 10 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Rashi Dhenia 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Utsavee Desai 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Manasvi Jariwala 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Nikhar Jariwala 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Riya Shah 10 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls
Tanishka Goyal 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Girls



Under-17 Boys (A)

Student Name Grade Team Name Category
Shaurya Mashruwala 10 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Krishna Rathi 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Shubham Gupta 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Sneh Chauhan 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Yash Lekhwani 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Swaraj Patel 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Dhrsaj Mashruwala 11 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Shobit Gupta 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Rahul Desai 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Darshan Shah 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Yash Lavangwala 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys
Jay Mangukiya 9 Fountainhead (A) U-17 Boys


Under-17 Boys  (B)

Student Name Grade Team Name Category
Saket Kejriwal 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Satwik Goyal 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Shanay Shanghvi 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Shrey Rathod 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Mudit Jain 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Hrishi Shah 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Vatsal Mehta 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Smith Chauhan 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Jugal Kachiwala 9 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys
Arya Lungaraia 8 Fountainhead (B) U-17 Boys

Note-Bus timing will be posted tomorrow (28/11/2014) on the Blog.

Gujarati homework for Grade 4 (Standard level)

Gujarati homework for Grade 4 (Standard level)


વાર્તા લો કોઈ વાર્તા ભાગ – ૪ માંથી ‘કલાકારને  તે પ્રધાન બનાવાય?’ વાંચન કરી ૧૫ શબ્દો લખવા.

G6 Nature Camp-Imagica+Durshet Campsite | Details

G6 Nature Camp-Imagica+Durshet Campsite | Details

 Day 1, December 03, 2014

Activity From To
Pick up from Vanita Vishram ground,Surat 5:30 a.m  Departure sharp at6:00 am
Arrival at Durshet forest lodge 1.00 p.m.  
Room allocation & fresh up. You will be staying in dorm 1.00 p.m. 1.30 p.m.
Lunch & rest 1.30 p.m. 2.30 p.m.
Group formation & basic instruction
2.30 p.m 3.00 p.m
Rappelling & flying fox
3.00 p.m. 5.30 p.m.
Evening snacks 5.30 p.m. 6.30 p.m.
Treasure hunt 6.30 p.m. 7.00 p.m.
Preparation time for “ad mad show” – group game 7.00 p.m. 7.30 p.m.
Ad Mad SHOW – performance 7.30 p.m. 8.30 p.m.
Dinner 8.30 p.m. 9.30 p.m.

Camp fire & d j party

9.30 p.m. 10.30

 Day 2, December 04, 2014

Activity From To

Wake up

6.30 a.m. 7.00 a.m.
Morning exercise & short trek
7.00 a.m. 8.00 a.m.
Fresh n up 8.00 a.m 9.30 a.m
Breakfast 9.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.
Departure for imagica theme park 10.30 a.m  
Enjoy imagica theme park 11.00 a.m 8:00p.m
LUNCH at Imagica 01.00 p. m 02.00 p.m
Arrival at resort 8.30 pm  
dinner 8.30 p.m 9.15 p.m
Solo performance 9.30 p.m 10.15p.m

 Day 3, December 05, 2014

Wake up 7.00 a.m  
Fresh n up 7.00 a.m 8.00 a.m
Feedback & prize distribution 8.00 a.m 9.00 a.m
Breakfast 9.00a.m 10.00a.m
Group Games 10.30 a.m 12.30 p.m
Departure after early lunch 12.30a.m  
Arrival Back atSurat Around 08.00 p.m  

 Things to be carried:

~Breakfast for 3rd Dec morning. Kindly adhere to school food policy. Your bags will frisked  and any item which violates policy will be confiscated.

~Uniform and school Icard– It is compulsory for students to wear it to Imagica. You will not be permitted entry to Imagica without it.

~ Small water bottle


~Bedsheet and a light shawl

~2 pair of clothes

~1 nightwear

~1light  jacket, 2 pairs of socks.

~1 small towel and 1 napkin


~Sandal,Toilet Slippers

~Swimming costume ( not compulsory )

~Motion sickness pill and any other medicines that you think you may need

~Pen and Imagica booklet (booklet will be provided to you)

~A small bag (backpack/sling bag/waist pocket) that can carry essentials in Imagica (pen, diary, small booklet , map, water bottle, motion sickness pill)

~ Permitted gadgets: You may carry ipods/portable music players and camera at your own risk. Mobile phone(with/without sim card), ipad, chromebooks, laptops will not be allowed.

~Maximum of Rs. 300 can be carried.

~Avoid expensive items and valuables.

~Since it is going to be long journey to and fro, it is wise to carry some handy indoor games (cards,board games) and books to read.

Homework of 27th November

Homework of 27th November

Day 2

Homework :

Math : To be done in Math notebook –

Find HCF and LCM of the following numbers using Tree factor method:

1) 50 and 70
2) 56 and 60
3) 900 and 270
4) 90 and 120
5) 320 and 128
6) 77 and 99