Knowledgeable Dazzlers at work !!

Knowledgeable Dazzlers at work !!

In the Language literacy centres, learners get an opportunity to reinforce few word families through various hands-on activities. Last week , Dazzlers worked on the following centres:

Centre 1: Association of pictures to words .

Learners had to read the word and associate (match) it to the correct corresponding pictures.

Centre 2: Train of word families.

Learners had to read the flashcards with different words and put the flash card in the right compartment.

Centre 3: Word-lollies

Learners had to read the lollipops and sort them as per the word family.

Centre 4- Word towers

Learners make towers with legos, of a given word family.

Waiting Zone: Colouring booklet.

Through these centres, last week learners reinforced ake, ale and ank families.

Glimpses of the same:

WP_20141119_009 WP_20141119_010 WP_20141119_012 WP_20141119_016 WP_20141119_017 WP_20141119_020 WP_20141119_022 WP_20141119_025 WP_20141119_027 WP_20141119_030 WP_20141119_031 WP_20141119_032 WP_20141119_033 WP_20141119_035Regards,



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