Recap of the day 29th November

Recap of the day 29th November

Settling Time: Learners had to find the meaning of the word “solar” from the dictionary and write the meaning of the same.


Learners revised the concept of Tenses – past, present and future through a video shown to them along with the oral discussions.

Oral skills development: Learners were asked to demonstrate how do they introduce to others when they happen to meet someone. They came up with many suggestions. Later on, they were given few instances and the lines/expressions that can be used for introduction. Few examples are given below:

  • Malay, please meet Mahi.
  • Nirbhay, have you met Kartik?
  • I’d like you to meet Dhyana.
  • I’d like to introduce you to Nishka.
  • Rachit, this is Nandan.

Note: Parents can give their child a practice of the same at home or when they visit some place and any such incident tends to happen.

Language Development: Learners revised the grammar concepts from the reference book.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners played “orbit game” where, initially, they(some of the student who became planets) were given ropes of equal size and were asked to rotate and revolve around the sun. They came up with the feedback such as we were colliding with each other. There was less space for us to move freely. All the planets are of different size and have different rotation and revolution, etc.

Then, they were given ropes of different size and were again asked to rotate and revolve. They were able to make out the difference in both the instances. Through which, they came to a conclusion that the planets does not revolve and rotate in one circle. Also, they were introduced the term – orbit being the circle on which the planets revolve and rotate. And, they came up with the first line of inquiry – Earth’s position in space.

There was also a discussion taken on the TDT focused in the unit. They read the content of Sharing the planet and How the world works and finally came to a conclusion of How the world works being the TDT focused for the unit “Earth and space.”

[Read Aloud]

Read the book “Kiss hello, Kiss good-bye” written by Marc Brown. Through this, they were reminded of greeting their dear ones using good vocabulary.


Learners need to complete the narrative writing worksheet given. They need to make a story on their own from the pictures and write the beginning, middle 1, middle 2 and ending of the story based on the pictures.

They also need to read the class library book given and write the learner profile, attitude and 7 Habit focused in the story.

Note: On Monday, dictation will be taken.


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