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Day: December 10, 2014

students are learning Group song

students are learning Group song

After successful completion of the topic – non traditional notation system followed by their  XBox performance, students are learning Group song  and developing their singing skills in their music classes at present.
The key elements of singing and performance were discussed in addition to the discussion on importance of group singing. After this, the students learnt the song titled “Give me oil in my lamp”
Here are some glimpses of the classes.
Final Details of Robotics Workshop [13th-14th Dec 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz

Final Details of Robotics Workshop [13th-14th Dec 2014] By IIT Techfest and Robokidz

Dear Students,

Here is the Final Details of the Robotics workshop…

Major Points regarding workshop:

  • Venue: Fountainhead school
  • Date: 13th-14th Dec 2014, Saturday-Sunday
  • Time: 8am to 3pm (Both days)
  • Transport :


  • Students of Grade 7 to 11 – Who are participating in ‘Wireless Robots workshop’ has to Bring ‘Windows laptop’
  • Cheque related information/confirmation has been mailed to all the registered participant on their student’s id.


Dear All,

Please review the time-table for 2014-15. This includes deadlines for coursework submissions, mock examination dates and final IGCSE examination dates.

Please note that the mock examination time-table is provisional and we may make changes if required.

The dates for the IGCSE examinations are final. We will send notification, in case of further changes.


Bhumika Parmar
Middle Years Co-ordinator| Fountainhead School
Opp. Ambetha Water Tank | Rander-Dandi Road
Kunkni | Surat India 395 005
(T) +91 261 310 3441/2


G10 Chemistry Assessment Salt analysis

G10 Chemistry Assessment Salt analysis

Dear Students,

As discussed and agreed upon to perform a lab on “Salt Analysis”, all of you are required to revise Pg No. 283 of the Chemistry textbook.
Students needs to bring their Lab coat and pant for their next Chemistry theory slot.

Herald: Date :11/12/14            slot  : 5

Harbinger : Date: 15/12/14    slot :6

Each one of you will be assigned with 2 salt samples for analysis.

Instruction sheet will not be provided.

Marks distribution for assessment will be

Each correct Ion – 4 marks

4 correct ions – 4 X 4 = 16 marks

Appropriate Lab behavior – 4 marks



English H.W_Serendipity_Eureka_Fortuity

English H.W_Serendipity_Eureka_Fortuity

Dear Students,

Please write the below question on your notebook/ middle page (in case you have not received your book)

9. Proud and intolerant  Generous and friendly. Which of these is nearer to your view of Shakespeare’s portrayal of Antonio? Support your answer by close reference of the text. 


Submission day: Monday 15th December




G8_Unit Test_En ville

G8_Unit Test_En ville

Hi students,

The unit test for this unit is scheduled on 18 December 2014. Please revise the entire unit, we will be doing the same in class in the slots such that you will not need any extra preparation time at home.


Smruti CHAUDHARI and Bharatkumar VASHI

Grade 11 Biology revision test on 7th January,2015

Grade 11 Biology revision test on 7th January,2015


Dear students,

A revision test has been planned on 7th January,2015 -Day 3 for syllabus covered in first term in DP Biology. The test will focus on unit 1- biological magnification, eukaryotic cell structure (plant and animal cell), plasma membrane and transport of nutrients. It will be a test of 30 marks. Duration: 45 minutes. It will have structured questions with focus on command terms. No MCQs.




Workshop announcement

Workshop announcement

Dear Parents,

The Gateway School of Mumbai is dedicated to help students with learning disabilities to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes necessary for them to lead fulfilling and productive lives. It’s a non profit school affiliated with The Gateway School, New York ( USA ).

Fountainhead  School has collaborated with The Gateway School for guiding us in helping our SEN students and also for differentiation  in a classroom set up.

Two faculty members from The Gateway School of Mumbai,Ms Radhika Misquitta and Ms Varsha Morani, are visiting Fountainhead School from 16th Dec to 18th Dec. They will be conducting a workshop on ‘Learning Difficulties and Disabilities” for the parents on 17th Dec.

This workshop will give a clear insight about how to deal with our students and give us a better understanding about their needs.

A brief up about the facilitators:

Dr. Radhika Misquitta- Ph.D. Special Education, University of Texas, Austin (USA)

Radhika is a founding member of the Gateway School of Mumbai, where she currently serves as Director of Education. She has worked in India and the U.S. as a special educator, trainer/coach, curriculum designer, and consultant with various organizations and schools since 2002. She has also co-published several research papers and has attended and presented papers at LD conferences around the world.

Varsha Morani- Director of Counselling and Admissions

Varsha holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, from the University of Mumbai. She has been working with a variety of non-profit organizations, corporate institutions and schools since 2005.

Fountainhead School believes that the responsibility of student learning is a partnership between the school and parents.  It is strongly recommended that you attend this workshop to help you cope with your child’s learning needs in a better manner.

We have limited seats so register at the earliest.

Kindly confirm thorough email:

latest by tomorrow 11 am.

Workshop Date: 17th Dec, 2014.         Venue: Senior Library, Fountainhead School.

Time: 8:00 am.

Regards ET team.