“Every photo tells a story”

“Every photo tells a story”


Dear students,

The line “Every photo tells a story” is the stimulation to your imagination.

I will post a photo every week and want you to think of a story by seeing the photo and write down in your comment box. It can be of 3 to 4 lines.

Looking forward for creative stories from the little minds. Let your imagination fly.

23 thoughts on ““Every photo tells a story”

  1. There was a girl named krishika.Today is her birthday so she was thinking that the birds which my mom gave me as a gif so now what i will do with these birds so she gave them freedom and the birds were very happy.She was also happy and then she lived and celebrated her day with being pro active.

    1. Once there lived a gloomy girl named Sarah. She had a cage full of birds, her life was exactly like the cage, she wasn’t allowed to step out of the house….
      on her 15th birthday she decided to run away to visit the outer world, she took her bird cage with her and emancipated the birds to live there real life. After that day she never returned her house, and her life was gleeful

  2. The birds were flying and one girl was trying to catch the birds. she was holding a cage in her hand.she is running on the wet mud.

  3. There was a girl her name was shina. Today her mother birthday was there so she think that I should give a gift to my mom then shina think mom like birds very much so I should give catch that bird and give to mom she will be happy and surprise then shina go out in gardento see a beautiful bird shina have a cage also to catch the bird then shina saw there is a parrot of beautiful coloured so shina catch that bird with net then in home she gave a beautiful parrot to her mom then mom huge to shina and told good girl bring like this gifts for me in every birthday shina told sure I will bvrig then both of them get happy and very educated because of birthday party.

  4. There is a girl named Hina,she is on a beach and she love birds so she is catching birds but when she goes near the birds, all the bird fly away from there.

    1. There is a girl name ananya who want to catch birds for her parents. she want to give gift to them for their anniversary. she had no feeling that birds are also have life they also want a free life like we are having a life.she did not realise their feeling.

  5. girishma has a b’day she is given money to buy sweets for others. she spends the money in giving freedom birds. she says to her mother that I have given gifts to those don’t get & not to the one who always get.

  6. There is a girl who is holing a cage in her hand and running on a beach to catch birds but she is not able to catch them as when she is trying to catch the the birds are flying away from her because the birds are scared from the girl.So the birds are flying and the girl is not able to catch the birds.

  7. Once there lived a girl who had a pet bird.She lived in a cottage near the ocean.She lived with her mother,father and her pet bird.One day the cage got opened and her pet bird flew.It flied near the ocean.There were the same type of birds.The girl is finding her pet within the birds.

  8. The girl got a gift of a cute bird in the cage on her birthday, but she noticed that this bird was not happy in the cage , so she went to the nearby sea shore and freed the bird with the other birds , girl feel very happy as the bird flew from the cage, girl thinks that no one should be caged , and everyone should be allowed to live freely

  9. There is a girl named FREYA .She is in 4grad.She is so prrety. And running to catch birds. After she caught 1 bird she is happy.

  10. There is a girl and she is having lots of birds which are in the cage. One day she thought that if she would be caged like that then how she would feel. So she decided to give freedom to all the birds. After doing this act she felt little emotional but then she was proud on herself.

  11. The girl in this picture is very upset because her father and mother told her no that she couldn’t buy her a bird so she decided to catch 1 her self.

  12. There once lived a girl named Sweety. She was a very lively, young girl .She once thought of catching the seagulls on the beach . But as she goes near the birds , they fly away. When she got tired , she went back home, upset. She told her mother all that had happened .Her mother explained her that when some stranger comes near you , you get scared. In the same way we are like strangers to the birds .Many people kill the birds so they get scared of humans even if we are just wanting to cage them which is not good as a bird is the sign of freedom.

  13. There is a girl named Riya. She went to the beach behind her house and on the beach she saw that many birds were talking and flying happily. so she tried to lock them in a cage so she ran here and there but the mud was wet so her legs got muddy . the weather was telling that it was going to rain so she ran happily and thought to dance in rain.

  14. Riya went to the beach behind her house and on the beach she saw that many birds were talking and flying happily. so she tried to lock them in a cage so she ran here and there but the mud was wet so her legs got muddy . the weather was telling that it was going to rain so she ran happily and thought to dance in rain.

  15. Once there was a girl who loved birds so she tried to catch them in a cage but when she went to the beach to capture the birds, the birds fly away because they were scared.

  16. There was a naughty and young girl who loved caging birds . She even had her very own caged bird which she had once caught. It was her birthday so as a surprise her parents gifted her a trip to a very beautiful beach. She even took her caged bird to the beach. When they reached the beach she saw hundreds of birds like hers. So she thought
    the way she would feel if someone caged her in a cage. She freed her caged bird
    and made a promise to never cage a bird again. Her parents were very proud
    of her and told her that as a birthday present she could choose any thing
    that she wanted as long as it was available and not too expensive . She
    thought of buying a pet . But she wondered what could it be when an
    idea came to her mind she thought of having a RAT . She even told
    her idea to her parents and they were very very happy to know it.
    The next day they visited the beach again and she feeded food
    to the birds but when she came near them they flew away as
    they were scared that she might cage them so she left the
    grains and watched them from the top . She had now
    understood the meaning and importance of one of
    the most useful thing that we use it’s FREEDOM .

  17. Once there was a girl it was her Grandfarther’s birthday.He loved nature.The girl then caught his favourate bird dove and gifted him.

  18. Once there was a girl it was her Grandfarther’s aniversery.He loved nature.The girl then caught his favourate bird dove and gifted him.

  19. Once a girl got a bird in gift and she loved it. So she took a lot of care of the bird. Once she went to a beach with her family and took her bird in a cage. The bird was not feeling comfortable and when it saw the flock of the same species of it’s, she tried to open the cage with it’s claws but when she found it was not effective she got sad. When the girl saw that the bird wanted to fly she thought and then opened the cage and let the bird fly with it’s friends in the air. The girl was very happy to give the bird freedom and let her be independent.

  20. Once there was a lonely and depressed girl, who lived under the influence of cruel king Sapphire . The whole Sapphire family was very wicked. But Samaira was the only girl who had feelings for others in her heart. She was tortured by the king. Once she decided to run away and have a glimpse at the world. She didn’t have freedom to do anything. Once she just escaped and was free . The whole picture indicates that the birds are free and have the freedom to do whatever they want.

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