Highlights of the day – 16/12/14

Highlights of the day – 16/12/14

DAY 3 – Tuesday:

Students enjoyed their Sports Day.

[Unit Of Inquiry] Learners watched the videos on different continents of the world and the land forms.


 Language: AIE:  (1) Read the book from raz-kids – Reading assignment – ‘The 100th Day project’ and solve the quiz.

(2) Complete the given assignment from Raz-kids. (Record the passage ‘The Scared Bear’ – Level L)

UOI: (1) Watch the video and make notes

(2) Two PPTs has been sent to the parent as well as student e-mail id. Go through the PPTs and make notes.

Kindly write down the actions taken by your child in the Padlet link posted below. Even students are free to write. 

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