Recap of the day 16-12-2014

Recap of the day 16-12-2014

Settling Task:

Learners wrote two facts about their class in their settling task notebooks.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

1)Learners discussed the reasons of life possible on Earth through a mind map. Through this the 2nd L.O.I- “Qualities of Earth that support life” was catered. Later on, they also drew a mind map in their U.O.I notebooks for the same.

2)Learners gave a reflection through 4R graphic organizer.They also unpacked the Central Idea through a word wall. “Earth’s position and condition makes life sustainable”.



1)Learners wrote sentences using punctuation mark “Comma” in their language writing notebooks.

Language Development:Learner revised the grammar concepts through the exercise given in the Language with ease reference book.


1)Learners did an addition sum (2digit+ 2digit) using the number line.Later , they solved a worksheet showing 4 different ways to do addition sum.

[Read Aloud]

Let’s visit an Apple orchard!-by Melissa G.Daly and illustrated by Rebecca Thornburgh

[Circle Time]

Learners watch a video on the story “The monkey and the crocodile”



Learners have to solve the given worksheet.


Chandani Patel.



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