Highlights and Homework of 22nd Dec, 2014

Highlights and Homework of 22nd Dec, 2014



Math: Learners were introduced to subtraction of  unlike fractions with the help of water  bottle activity, to give them hands-on experience for enduring understanding. Learners were also introduced with word problems on addition and subtraction of unlike fractions. Refer the following link for better understanding-




Math:1) Solve the following in Math notebook

(a) 23/30 – 7/10

(b) 25/28 – 3/4

(c) 19/27 – 4/9

2)Mary made two types of cookies. She used 2/3 cup of sugar for one recipe and 1/4 cup of sugar for the other. How much sugar did she use in all?



3)Raj swims a race in 29 minutes and 3/10 seconds. Puneet swims the race in 33 minutes and 9/10 seconds. How much faster was Raj than Puneet?



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