Important note for parents.

Important note for parents.


Dear Parents,

Sr.Kg learners have organized a party to celebrate their learning of the current unit of inquiry as well as Christmas with their parents. Mentioned below is the list of food items allocation. Parents are requested to send the respective things with their kids on 26th Dec. We expect you to be a part of their planning and execution by sending the food items without fail.

Note- This is only the food allocation , remaining students are going to be a part of arrangements & decoration team.


Name Item Quantity
Kavya Cutlet 20 pcs
Aarav Cutlet 20 pcs
Kanika Cutlet 20 pcs
Ananya Idli Chutney 25 pcs
Mayaan Idli Chutney 25 pcs
Meer Cake 1.5 Kg(whole cake)
Manit Cake 1.5 Kg(whole cake)
Saumya Cake 1.5 kg(whole cake)
Reeva Samosa 25 pcs
Tatsat Samosa 25 pcs
Vidhi Cold coco 2 Liters
Oviya Cold coco 2 Liters
Aarya Cold coco 2 Liters
Pradyumna Cold coco 2 Liters
Arjun Cold coco 2 Liters





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