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Day: December 27, 2014

Highlights of the week (22nd to 26th December)

Highlights of the week (22nd to 26th December)

Highlights of the week:-


Morning Message: We appreciate each other’s ideas.

Word of the week: :Appreciation



Read aloud:

I am growing By Aliki


  • Introduction of sight words (away , good , with) , along with framing of sentences
  • Introduction of “ell” family words(bell, fell, hell,sell, tell,well,yell, shell,smell, spell)
  • Revision of opposites was done after which the learners made their own opposites booklet.

Friday Home work-    

Frame sentences using the following sight words:-

what , only , when , take ,away , with , good , also, your ,down .


  • Introduction of number names from 41 to 50.
  • Forward Counting from 81 to 100
  • Pictograph:- The learners made their individual pictograph , on the basis of the favourite event(out of the ones celebrated in school) of their peers.

Friday homework-

Worksheet related to ascending ,descending order and number names


How we organise ourselves.

As a part of their Summative Assessment task learners organised another event ,  ”Picnic” , in a farm house.

They also celebrated their learning , through Christmas Celebrations , wherein they hosted a party for their parents.

Important note:

We have parent assembly on 6th January, 2015. The topics for the assembly are: Habit 5: Seek first to understand than to be understood, Reflective & Risk taker. You can take any 2 topics and present it in the form of dance, drama, song or mime. Interested parents kindly give their names to your child’s HRT. The participants will have to coordinate within themselves and practice for the performance. Inform the HRTs for the resources needed from school, well in advance.

Hope to see a great number of parents this time as this is the “first” performance of the new year by the parents.


Sr KG Team

Its time for celebrations…….

Its time for celebrations…….

To celebrate the learnings of the unit of inquiry about planning and organizing events, today Sr.KG celebrated Christmas Party with the parents. All the kids as well as the parents were very much excited to be a part of this event. We all had fun playing games, dancing and eating yummy food prepared by the wonderful mothers!!
We appreciate those parents who were a part of their child’s celebration today. We wish you all merry Christmas and a joyous new year. May the coming year brings loads of happiness and bliss to your family!!
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One day Picnic….

One day Picnic….

“One day Picnic” is an all time favourite event of the students. The current unit gave an opportunity to the young enthusiastic planners to plan for this awaited event. The organizers were very excited to execute all their plans and modify as per the demand of their friends. They all had a great fun on the farm house. Here are the glimpses of the same.

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