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Day: June 3, 2015

Transport Policy

Transport Policy

Dear Parents,

Please find below some important instruction related to the “Transport Policy”

  • It is compulsory for all students to avail school transport facility. Using mass transport while coming to school reduces our carbon footprint and instills a sense of equality in students.
  • Routes & stops of the buses or vans have been fixed for all major catchment areas of the city. Since the school wants to ensure that the time taken from the first stop to the last stop is fixed and limited, new stops / routes cannot be made for every request.
  • Request regarding change of bus stops for few days (upto 4 days) will not be accepted. In case of emergency you will have to pick-up your child from the school.
  • The bus/van will drop and pick up students at the assigned, designated pick-up / drop-off point only.
  • Since the school does not provide gate pick up or drop off facilities, the child may have to walk (and for younger children till age 10, dropped and picked-up) to and from the common convenient place in his / her residence vicinity. The pick up / drop off timings as communicated to you earlier, will be based on trial / dry runs and therefore may get affected due to traffic situation or restriction in vehicular movements. Students are expected to be at the bus stop ten minutes before their standard bus timings, and if parents/guardians are picking up the child, then they are also requested to be at the stop 10 minutes before the expected arrival time.
  • Switching buses/vans on your own is not allowed.
  • Buses/vans will not stop along the way to pick up students who have missed the bus/van at the designated stop. However, a child who misses the bus at the previous stop may be dropped off at a further stop on the same route. You cannot board a bus of a different route e.g. if your child is coming through bus route no. 15 than s/he can only board the bus from any other stop of route no. 15.
  • Before changing your address, please make sure to identify the stop from all the existing routes and confirm with the school that a seat is available on that route. It is not feasible to create new stops / routes in the middle of the year because the address could be far from the existing routes or else even for a location falling on the route (because every new stop adds to the time taken by the vehicle and we intend to keep a maximum limit for the time taken).
  • In case you want to change the stop, it will be considered only after 30th June, 2015 and subject to the availability of seats in that particular route. If seats are not available then the request will not be accepted.
  • The school takes no guarantee of providing service in an area not covered by the given routes.
  • Request regarding change of bus stops for two/three days only will not be accepted. In case of emergency you will have to pick-up your child from the school.
  • Year on year, the routes and stops are surely going to change as there are shifts and changes in major residential addresses. Therefore, apart from adding new routes, we may also have to modify existing ones, or delete existing ones completely if that’s the need. The school will try not to disrupt an existing stop, but please note that under unavoidable circumstances, the school may have to change the stop location.
  • Bearer card is compulsory from the first day of the school to pick up your child from the bus stop.

Note: Please reach the bus stop in time. The bus stop timings that have been given to you are given after taking into account an adjustment of a three minutes time variation. The bus will reach your stop at any time between the three minutes time slot for your bus stop. Please note that the bus will not wait at your bus stop for the full three minutes but will pick up the students and leave immediately. For example, if the timing for your bus stop is 7:02 to 7:05, then the bus will reach your bus stop any time between 7:02 to 7:05 (Not wait for end time), pick up the students and leave immediately. The bus will not stop more then 30 second at your bus stop.


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