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Day: June 9, 2015

First day at school…..

First day at school…..

Dear Parents,

Welcome for the academic session of 2015-16

Learners had a gala time with  different learning engagements at the first day of their school like: ice breaking activity passing the ball ,read aloud, videos, wiggles, art and craft etc. Here are few glimpses for the same…



Ambuja Sharma

Sr KG Blaze.

Hurray we are back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurray we are back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear parents,

A warm welcome to the new academic session. I hope that the year will be full of excitement and learning with fun.The first day of school was full of mixed emotions,Kids were happy to be with new friends with a new class, also shy to open up and somewhere scared about the change they are facing. We tried our best to make the kids comfortable to the new environment. They enjoyed the ice-breaking activity pass the ball where they had to throw the ball at someone and they had to introduce themselves. They also enjoyed free play and some art activities followed by readalouds. They had a tiring day but they had fun too. Here are a few glimpses of the same.


Payal Jain

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Highlights of Day 1 & 2 Grade 6 Conjecture

Highlights of Day 1 & 2 Grade 6 Conjecture

We started the first day on a great note. It was wonderful to see the cheerful yet curious faces. The students were escorted to the classes by the respective HRT. They discovered their places through a challenging and interesting web activity. The day was utilized in getting to know each other, setting expectations and revising the Routines and Procedures and policies.Students were also given their notebooks, stationary and bag cards.

 we also discussed our class section name and ways to make our class learning engaging and a happy experience.
Home-work for today
Task 1
We learn best when we are happy
Lets find out how we can be happy and learn most.
On the basis of discussion we had in class, prepare one or two points that you wish to include as part of our essential agreement.
 please refer below padlet for sharing your inputs.
Task 2
Lets represent ‘Conjecture’ to Grade 6 team
Think of the ideas to represent ourselves as a team to whole grade 6.
Also think about which area of the presentation, you will work best.
For those who has not completed day 1 homework, ensure to finish it today. Also those who would like to revise their answers, can edit their homework.
Enjoy imagining today!

Highlights of the day – 9th June

Highlights of the day – 9th June

Learners started the day with the morning task. They revised the policies (uniform, food, homework, discipline and chrome book) and the 6 positive behaviors of learning. They also did an ice breaker activity where they came to know more about their friends. They were assigned the leadership roles and roll numbers.


Learners need to make a mind map on a book they have read during their vacation in a piece of paper.

Note: Kindly carry reflection books (200 pages single line) everyday to school.



Our day was full of excitement and curiosity. We collaboratively created set of ” Routines and Procedures” for efficient functioning for our class..

Students were eager to take up responsibilities and discover various classroom leaders ( Now Facilitators)



1) All facilitators need to create a digital/hard copy poster of their roles and responsibilities to set up for display in class.

2) Find out how the name of your class is in synergy with the names of other classes of Grade-6.


Note: Kindly check all your Cards(I-Cards, Bus Cards, Bag Cards). If any correction needs to be done, please inform by tomorrow.

Also, Submit your summer holiday homework by 10th June, 2015

‘Recap of the day- 9 /6/15’

‘Recap of the day- 9 /6/15’

Routines and procedures were discussed as well students also formed the essential agreements  first all the important things which should be done were discussed as a class then all the points were considered as per the domains like communication,movement,respect,conflict resolution,physical and verbal violence in groups then finally they concluded and made their own essential agreements.

A detailed discussion and explanation about voice levels was done in the class which was done through different examples to make them understand the importance of voice levels.

Students discussed about the class mission statement which will be continued tomorrow.

Homework -Students are given half sheet is given to them for writing their own mission statement .

Note : Kindly submit the summer homework tomorrow without fail.(if already submitted please ignore).

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Highlights of the day 9th June 2015

Highlights of the day 9th June 2015

Learners discussed the school mission statement in the class. The focus was on ‘Learner Profile and Attitudes’ while discussing the mission statement.
Learners made the “Essential Agreements of the class” and also discussed the school wide routines and procedures like six positive behaviors for learning, voice levels etc.
Make your personal mission statement.
Note: Carry an A3 size napkin for the first meal break every day.


Welcome to the new academic year 2015 -2016

Welcome to the new academic year 2015 -2016

Welcome to the new academic year that is 2015-16 at Fountainhead School.   I, Ms Krishna Pandya  , HRT of Grade-3 Illuminate, is delighted to have your child in my classroom this year and look forward to sharing the school year together with your ward.

At this point I would like to share my mission statement as an educator with you.

“I aim to influence all my student’s lives positively and channelize their and my energies towards their overall development.”

I expect your cooperation and smooth communication to ensure that our common goal should be, to help the learner reach his/her full potential.   I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you in advance for  your support for the upcoming school year.   I look forward to meeting you soon.



Grade 5 Alliance, Highlights and homework for 8th-9th June, 2015

Grade 5 Alliance, Highlights and homework for 8th-9th June, 2015

Dear All,
Day 1.
Its an honor to have your children in my class this year..Day 1 was very exciting and we did two ice breaking activities followed by distribution of notebooks, bag cards and folders. We also revised the uniform policy. It was a fun-filled day.
Day 2.
Students presented their own blurbs portraying themselves, this was the homework for yesterday. They displayed their Communication Skills, Presentation skills to be more precise.They searched the meaning and synonyms of their class name using dictionary and internet, also for examples where they could see alliance in real life context, illustrated it through symbol or logos and made a poster creatively in different groups.
Then we discussed about the essential agreements using grouping strategies.
Homework : 1) List down the values you think are important for making our class mission statement. You can refer to our school mission statement. 2) Write meanings of all the names of the sections of Grade 5. 3) Learn the spellings of the section names.
Welcome back to school

Welcome back to school

Welcome, Grade 1 Parents!

This is the year for our young learners to shine brightly in the classroom. It will be a year of  magical wonder and astonishing growth for your little star; a positive year for your child as we build on past successes and learn new things in the first grade. With home and school working together, your child’s academic and social skills will become even stronger throughout the year.

The first day of school kicked off with a bang, with loads of fun-filled activities. Students immersed in ice-breaking activities, routines and procedures and much more.

Let me introduce you to the Grade 1 team!

Grade 1 Joy   Bhumika Manglani

Grade 1 Peace  Kashti Narang

Grade 1 Truth   Niyanta Desai

Grade 1 Trust     Fatema Rangwala

Grade 1 Hope     Priya Singh

Grade 1 Concord    Ria Parikh

Grade 1 Amity   Shivani Dharia

Grade 1 Harmony    Vaishali Patel

Hindi – Unnati Bhagat &  Kunjan Gandhi

Arts –  Neha Bhatia, Ravindra Agarwal & Mitesh Chauhan

PSPE –  Hariom Parmar &  Mitesh Patel

Resource teacher – Vaishali Patel

Support Teachers – Jayeeta Chakraborty & Dharini Upadhyay

Team Vision Statement

A classroom climate that fosters inquiry, thoughtful ideas, creativity and personal ownership of learning.

Team Mission Statement

As a team, our mission is to build character and competence in students and ensure that every student develops the skills and knowledge to achieve excellence.

Enthusiastic Regards,

Pinky Chawla (Grade 1 Team Leader)