An exciting workshop- NDTV Programme

An exciting workshop- NDTV Programme

Dear Students,

NDTV has designed a Video Educational Programme for students to bring out their creativity and enhance their communication through video production. NDTV Experts will train the students on camera, video editing software and  presentation skills. Students will be trained using state of art equipment. The students are being trained on the camera and software by NDTV experts.


Programme includes: (Details taken from NDTV website)

  1. Training:

Workshop will be conducted by NDTV experts for 3 days. They will train the students on both the camera and editing software and also teach them presentation skills and the basics of script writing. At the end of the training workshop on day 3, the students will be divided into groups and each group will script, shoot and edit their own short video.

NDTV has designed a Media Kit with state of the art professional equipment which has been imported and specially put together for schools. Students will work using  this state of art equipment. School will buy the kit which will be used by students  later for several internal purposes.The kit will benefit the students in more ways than one.

  1. Follow up:

Professionals from NDTV will conduct a follow up session after the one time training, to address all the problems being faced by the students. At all times the NDTV trainers will be available on the phone and emails.

  1. NDTV Office Visit:

Students participating in the SCHOOL TV programme will also be taken on a guided tour of the NDTV office and studios at New Delhi. During the visit students will get to experience the newsroom buzz first hand, see how LIVE news bulletins are done and also have a unique opportunity to meet renowned media personalities.

  1. Web Plan:

SCHOOL TV will have a dedicated  website to promote the programme All student videos will be uploaded on the SCHOOL TV website.

  1. On Air:

NDTV will invite schools to make short films on relevant issues. NDTV jury will shortlist the best entries. Shortlisted films would be aired on NDTV in half an hour show on best effort basis.


Registrations details:

  1. Dates: 14-15-16 August, 2015. (4-5 hours each day). This workshop is for students of Grade 7 to 12.
  2. Friends and siblings from other school can also join (Only students of Grade 7 to 12). 
  3. Cost: Rs. 7000/- per student. Amount should be paid through cheque in favour of FOUNTAINHEAD EDUCATION TRUST.
  4. Please note that the minimum number of participants required are 20. If we do not receive 20 registrations we will not go ahead with this workshop.
  5. Last date to submit the cheque is 30 June 2015.
  6. To register for this workshop please fill the given below form.

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