Recap of the day – 11 /6/15

Recap of the day – 11 /6/15

Day 4

Learners made an Acrostic poem of their section’s name. It was done as a whole class activity.Students were active and enthusiastic in making the acrostic poem on their section they came upwith different adjectives to describe the same.

Teacher did a revision of ‘Attitudes‘ in the class which is followed by school.

Teacher did a revision of all PYP attributes followed by explanations and connection between  IB MISSION STATEMENT and our SCHOOL’S MISSION STATEMENT. Students understood and connected the Learner profiles  with the same.

They prepared their  birthday chart and   decorated the class door also.

Homework :

Prepare a personal bulletin board (if not submitted)

Kindly submit the summer homework tomorrow without fail .

Write an acrostic poem on your name.Color paper sent for the same.

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