Grade 12 Math HL – Highlights of the week (13/06/2015)

Grade 12 Math HL – Highlights of the week (13/06/2015)

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new academic session 2015-2016 !!

Students had a wonderful first learning cycle where first two days they were involved in  reviewing the school policies, routines and procedures, essential agreement for the class, making of class mission statement along with its logo, etc.

In regular Math class, we started with the new unit ALGEBRA. Students were given summer vacation homework based on the concepts learnt in grade 10 (Sequences). All of them submitted their homework on the given deadline.

After reviewing the important points of arithmetic and geometric sequences, they were introduced to the concept of sigma notations, its properties and arithmetic series. We also derived the formula of arithmetic series and solved the problems based on it. IB style questions having varied difficulty levels were given to students in class to solve to give them rigorous practice.

Homework based on this concept has been given to students on Google classroom.


Krishna Shethji


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