Grade 7- All Sections – Glimpses of the first week

Grade 7- All Sections – Glimpses of the first week

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the academic year 2015 – 16.
It was a joyous experience to start the session with the ice breaking activities which helped us to know each other. We set expectations for each other were we came to a common point so as to make our learning a rich experience.

List of activities done across the section in this week -:

1 We started with tuning in activity where students were given different adjectives which described different character traits of human beings and they were asked to segregate positive and negative traits. Students took active participation in the activity and they themselves found the meaning of the different traits and identified if they were positive or negative in nature.

2 Students were told to gather information about a character by reading a book. They were instructed to find out adjectives and language used to describe physical and character traits by the author. Students were taken to the library, where they selected books of their own choice and gathered information of the character traits and adjectives used by the author. Later they discussed the gathered information and their own reflection why they think the character is positive or negative, this was followed with the word web activity so as to identify the characteristic of the given animals.


Jatin Makwana, Hasina Saifee, Eva Donald and Nikita Jhaveri

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