Kids Lit Quiz @ Fountainhead School

Kids Lit Quiz @ Fountainhead School

Dear students,

Fountainhead School,  will be organizing an International Literature Quiz “The Sport of Reading” for students aged 10 to 13. This quiz will be hosted by quizmaster- Mr. Wayne Mills, on 31st July 2015.

Quizmaster Wayne Mills challenges teams of  Grade 6 / 7 / 8 students with questions on a wide variety of children’s literature with topics covering authors, book titles and storybook characters. Their reading knowledge and recall is tested in this fun competition. Contestants ponder questions from the various genres which also include comics, poetry, nursery rhymes, classics and contemporary fiction.

Mr. Wayne Mills is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland and believes passionately in the importance of getting and keeping children reading. He created and runs the Kids’ Lit Quiz as a way of encouraging, acknowledging and challenging readers, particularly at the important transition from childhood to adolescence.

General information about the quiz:

  • A maximum of two teams will participate per school. Each team consist of 4 members.

  • Each team answers questions on children’s literature put to them by the quizmaster. There are ten  rounds with categories such as Big Cats, Wizards, Harry Potter, Spies, and Quests etc with ten questions in each category.

  • The categories are unknown. Before the quiz commences, the teams are invited to choose one Joker Round from the list of categories – the marks for this category are doubled.

  • The questions are answered on printed sheets which will be provided to the teams at the beginning of the competition.

  • There is usually a break of about 20 minutes for light refreshments.

For more information on quiz, please visit .

  • The entry fee is Rs. 5,000 per team.

  • Quiz Timings: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm​.

  • Venue: Fountainhead School

  • Interested students can fill in the given below form to register.
  • Final participants will be selected through a selection process.

To register for the quiz, please fill up the form given below.


If you have any more query/concern, please write to us at


Fountainhead School

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