Mathematics_Grade 7_Highlights of the week

Mathematics_Grade 7_Highlights of the week

Last week,

1. During first two days of the school, the students were busy with their Home
room tasks where in they were supposed to  get used to the environment and
their new grade.

2. Mathematics class started with a brief introduction of the
teacher and the students, essential agreement between them were made. We also clarified our expectation with each other.

3. Orientation of the subject was done with the students, where they were briefed about the entire subject.

3. We started first chapter with an interactive session on “Number system”, where in the students were explained the importance of numbers in real life, what it means to all of us and its different types.

4. They were  shown a power point presentation on the same(which will still continue in the next cycle).

Thanks and Regards,

Grade 7 Math team.

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