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Day: June 15, 2015

Creative hands at work …!!!

Creative hands at work …!!!

Learners of Jr KG Orange enjoyed various Visual art activities today. They did ear bud painting and also decorated the name of their class through paper crumpling. These activities helped them enhance their fine motor skills. Sharing few glimpses of the same:-

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Grade 10 Herald_International_Mathematics_H.W

Grade 10 Herald_International_Mathematics_H.W

Dear Learners ,
You all are expected to Solve the following exercises from Hase and Haiss Publication.

Exercise 13C     PDF page no(336).

Q:1 to Q:8

Exercise 13D       PDF page no(339).

Date of submission: 18th June 2015.

Thanks and Regards,

Kinjal Morkhia.



Grade 8 _ Vivacity _ Math H.W _ 15th June, 2015

Grade 8 _ Vivacity _ Math H.W _ 15th June, 2015

Topic: Integers, powers and roots

[Type of home work]

Checkpoint exercises


Maximum 30 minutes

[H.W to be done]

1) Complete exercise 1.2A (Part- C of Q1 to Q10 and whole Q11)in your Math note-book.

2) Complete exercise 1.2B (Part- C of Q1 to Q8)

Both the exercises are from Checkpoint- 3

[Date of submission]

17th June, 2015 (Day- 2)


Urvi Shah

Highlights of the day – Grade 6 Conjecture

Highlights of the day – Grade 6 Conjecture

Learners teamed up today to prepare their class mission statement, class logo and final presentation.

There was an air of excitement around. Each one participated with a focus to give their 100%.  While some were busy drawing class logo and displays, the other group of learners were busy practicing dance, then there were remaining practicing their skits, music and song and finally presented in front of whole Grade 6 team. It was a wonderful learning experience for all of us.


As discussed, you are requested to bring the picture of famous personality or cartoon character for learner’s profile.

Grade 5 Symbiosis – 15th June’15

Grade 5 Symbiosis – 15th June’15

[Highlight Of The Day]

Learners brainstormed and finalized the descriptors the Attitudes display.

They also finished the self-checking of the summer H.W Language section.

Learners were very excited to have their first playtime for the academic year.

Here are the few glimpses of the same.

IMG_20150615_121152919 IMG_20150615_121221413_HDR IMG_20150615_121224924_HDR IMG_20150615_121236299 IMG_20150615_121244012_HDR IMG_20150615_121331422 IMG_20150615_121402655_HDR IMG_20150615_121425297 IMG_20150615_121433088 IMG_20150615_121518362_HDR


1. Complete the A part of the Language revision worksheet.

2. Revise the Food and the Homework policy from the school website.

‘Highlights and Homework – 15th June 2015’

‘Highlights and Homework – 15th June 2015’

Day 6


1. Math and Language homework discussion were taken up in class.

2. Read aloud was done in the class catering to the Learner profile  – Reflective, and a discussion was taken about the same followed by making a chart with students inputs.

3. Learners completed question 1 (punctuate and parse) of Language revision worksheets.


1. Complete Math revision worksheet 7.

2. Complete 3 sides (2nd sentence of punctuate & parsing) of Language revision worksheet as explained in the class.

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