Grade 5 Symbiosis – 15th June’15

Grade 5 Symbiosis – 15th June’15

[Highlight Of The Day]

Learners brainstormed and finalized the descriptors the Attitudes display.

They also finished the self-checking of the summer H.W Language section.

Learners were very excited to have their first playtime for the academic year.

Here are the few glimpses of the same.

IMG_20150615_121152919 IMG_20150615_121221413_HDR IMG_20150615_121224924_HDR IMG_20150615_121236299 IMG_20150615_121244012_HDR IMG_20150615_121331422 IMG_20150615_121402655_HDR IMG_20150615_121425297 IMG_20150615_121433088 IMG_20150615_121518362_HDR


1. Complete the A part of the Language revision worksheet.

2. Revise the Food and the Homework policy from the school website.

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